Crime of Passion; How the EC official was murdered

On Friday 1st April, a decomposing body of Monica Amongi, an employee of the Electoral Commission was discovered in her house located at Aniaober cell, Anai Ward in Lira City West Division. This was days after she went missing.

According to our reporter in Lira City, it has been established that the man she had lived with Amongi  for some time as a partner is currently accused of entering her house and allegedly assaulting her to death, locking the house and disappearing. It is alleged he left a note behind.

Reports indicate that the suspect, one Jasper Awio,a  former news reporter, allegedly walked into Lira City East Division Police station and reported himself in the wee hours of Saturday. That he reportedly narrated to Police how he had killed his lover Amongi for simply refusing to fall in love with him

Today, our Source in Lira reveals to us that currently Awio is at Lira Regional Referral Hospital at the emergency Ward handcuffed with a Police Guard beside him. He was rushed at the this hospital after police realized he had drunk pesticide to end his life after Murdering Amongi.

The case is registered at lira City West division Police station Under SD Ref 31/01/04/2022

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