Crisis As Kabale Runs Out of Fuel

People line up for fuel today Morning at shell Kigezi

A fuel crisis has hit Kabale district forcing transport fares to shoot up.

People line up for fuel today Morning at shell Kigezi
People line up for fuel today Morning at shell Kigezi

A survey carried out by our reporter at various Fuel pump stations in Kabale shows that a liter of petrol goes for shillings 5000 up from 3800 shillings while on the black market it costs between 6000 and 7000 shillings. The affected pump stations are Agaba services, Kobil, Kabale, Gapco, and Shell Kigezi.

Information obtained shows that, most of the pump stations ran out of fuel on Tuesday evening. Jane Tindyebwa, the manager of shell Kigezi says despite the increased demand for fuel they don’t have any supplies.

Mark Niwagaba, the manager of Agaba Services fuel station says they have not been able to stock any fuel since it ran out on Tuesday.

He says they are currently stuck because of lack of fuel supplies from Kampala, despite the fact that they are willing to buy fresh supplies to meet their customer’s demand.

As a result, boda boda motorists in Kabale town have increased their fares by 500 shillings. The shortest distance out of Kabale town which would cost 2000 shillings now costs between shillings 2500 and 3500.

Mahad Issah, a boda boda motorist blames the fuel shortage on businessmen he accuses of hoarding fuel so as to increase their profit margin.

Windom Niwagaba, another Boda Boda motorist says they have been trying to cope with the high prices but it is unfortunate that the fuel is now where to be seen.

Taxi drivers are not happy with the state of affairs either. Andrew Byomukama plies the Kabale-Kasiizi route. He says the transport fare have shot up from shillings 8000 to 12000.

Christmas David, a driver along the Mbarara –Kabale Route says the fare from Kabale to Mbarara has increased from 15,000 to 20,000 shillings. He says many drivers have opted to park their vehicles.

Our reporter visited the usually busy Kabale taxi park on Thursday and found only a handful of passengers and travelers.

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  1. Are we going back to the Amin days when essential commodities were rare? Even during the Obote II days we had a minister for supplies (Moses Apiliga) who turned out to be a minister of scarcity.

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