Ddumba should be investigated — Prof. Mamdani

Prof Mamdani

Makerere Institute of Social Research (MISR) Executive Director Prof. Mahmood Mamdani has asked for inquiry into the behaviour and interest of Makerere university vice Chancellor Prof. Ddumba Ssentamu in the current crisis at the institute.

Prof. Mahmood Mamdani
Prof. Mahmood Mamdani

Mamdani today morning said that the committee should come from outside the university and it should investigate interests of the vice chancellor.

“Prof. Ddumba Ssentamu can’t appoint a committee to probe MISR because it will have to investigate him as well,” he said while appearing on NBS TV.

In a statement issued on Tuesday morning, Prof. Mamdani stated that the university vice chancellor Prof. Ddumba Ssentamu lacks the moral authority to set up such a committee.

“The Vice Chancellor of Makerere University has set up a Committee that will report to him. The Vice Chancellor lacks the moral authority and objectivity to set up and provide oversight for such a Committee. He is partisan and has a clear conflict of interest due to his close family relationship with Dr. Stella Nyanzi,” the statement reads.

He argued that should exclude himself from the process of investigating the on-going scuffle at the institute.

Makerere University VC Prof. Ddumba Ssentamu
Makerere University VC Prof. Ddumba Ssentamu

Mamdani noted that if Prof. Ddumba excuses himself from appointing the committee, it  “would allow the Committee to conduct its work in an impartial manner as well as to look into the VC’s own conduct, in particular, the extent of the VC’s involvement in encouraging, fomenting and prolonging insubordination of both Dr. Nyanzi and a few graduate students of MISR, all of whom have been increasingly emboldened by what they see as the support towards their cause from the highest office in this institution; and the basis and accuracy of allegations the VC presented before the Appointments Board over the last few months to bolster his case against the PhD programme at MISR and the renewal of the Director’s contract.”

Prof. Mamdani said Prof. Ddumba is so oblivious of what happens at MISR. “He doesn’t even know when the semester there starts or ends.”

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