DEEP VOICED!!! Female MPs Who Can’t Whisper Named

The 9th parliament is coming to its end soon. Already, primaries are in full gear.

MP Betty Nambooze addresses journalists at parliament on Monday.
MP Betty Nambooze addresses journalists at parliament on Monday.

The house has had several debates and trivial issues that have occurred.

However, there is one humorous side of parliament that has not been reported.

There are actually some legislators who have made it a habit to sleep in parliament while others did other unthinkable matters including attempted suicide on the floor.

All these were a full package of comedy in this parliament. Besides these, there is something that has gone unreported.

It is about the character of some of the female legislators.

In this briefing, we reveal female legislators who cannot tell a story through a whisper because of their deep voices! Read on!!


The woman MP for Dokolo district is actually the senior woman in parliament.

Majority MPs refer to her as mama. This is because of her age and conduct. Ogwal is the FDC chief whip having defected from UPC.

However, besides her political caliber, this former Miss Uganda during Obote’s reign is among members who struggle to tell a secret by whispering.

She speaks with a bass-like tone which makes it difficult to make a meaningful whisper unless she writes it down to avoid a third party from hearing what she is a saying.


If it is a conversation to be told exclusively by whispering, just don’t count Ajok!

The UPC lady is also woman MP Apac district.

She is loaded in terms of dime but those with whom she does business must always find a secret place to hold a meeting with her to avoid intrusion by other people.

This is so because Ajok cannot make a whisper due to her hoarse-voiced tone.

She speaks in a super bass that can only be compared to that of state minister for agriculture Bamulangaki Ssempijja!

We are told that even during campaigns; she usually abandons public address system and uses her natural public address kitone!


She is actually the deputy to Ajok if now the chairperson! Despite her height and size, Naome whenever she speaks, one might think that it is Gen. Moses Ali hiding behind her back.

She speaks with a loud tone to the extent that sometimes, when parliament microphones jam, she applies her natural voice.

Unfortunately, whatever is spoken on the floor has to be recorded otherwise, Naome can do without the microphone and loud speakers if it wasn’t for this requirement! She is the woman MP for Ntungamo.


The woman MP for Sheema is brown and one of the nice looking legislators who can attract tourists if parliament was to be turned in to a tourist attraction center!

However, one thing about her is that despite her looks, Nyaki as she is fondly referred to by her pals cannot make a good whisper.

She speaks like a real mukiga because her voice is seems to be housed in her throat.

She speaks in a super bass and one might mistake her to be a man camouflaging as a woman.


The MP for Mukono municipality needs no introduction.

Nambooze is these days soon appearing before the auditor general to explain her source of additional flesh.

When she joined parliament, Nambooze was too small to lift two jerricans of water.

These would out-weigh her due to her size. However, these days, she has gained real weight. None the less, there is one thing that has refused to change on her; it is her voice.

A snoop told us that actually, at one moment during walk to work, police tried to raid Nambooze’s home in Mukono.

The plan was to see whether she was around so that they lay a preventive arrest net against her.

The cops first sent one of their own to rake only for him to return and said the lady wasn’t there!

‘I swear, Nambooze isn’t at home. I have tried to like to the voices coming out of her home but I only heard that of a man [husband]” the cop reported.

Within a few minutes, Nambooze emerged out her house and yet her hubby wasn’t around.

This explains how deep her voice is! She cannot make a whisper.


The woman MP for Moyo is also an NRM CEC member.

She is dark-skinned and rarely laughs. When she does this, you may think it is Gen. Otafiire laughing.

She has a loud tone and we are told that she is one of the loudest NRM CEC members during their meeting.


We now know why Alintuma Nsambu can never become MP for Bukoto west again unless Namayanja backs down.

The legislator not only has a deep voice, but also her physical appearance. She is tough looking, tall and assertive.

In fact, if parliament was to pick some members to act as bouncers in the chambers to enforce discipline among MPs, Namayanja fits this deal besides her legislative work.


The woman MP for Kiruhura cannot miss out on this list.

Actually, those close to her tell us that in order to disguise her deep voice, she coined a strategy of referring to everyone she comes across including voters, driver and others as ‘Sweet Heart’.

To her, everybody is sweetheart. But snoops tell us that at one point in the parliamentary canteen, she left some members in rib-breaking laughter when she referred to one of them ‘zweetgheart’ to mean sweat heart. This is because of her voice.


The woman MP for Kyegegwa has no reason to worry about the upcoming NRM primaries.

This is so because she will spend less in terms of hiring public address system to reach out to people.

Despite coming from Tooro, Kabahenda speaks with a Kikiga accent.

Whenever she speaks, in her office, sometimes the walls vibrate because of her tone.


The woman MP for Hoima district is actually one of the major reasons the NRM caucus no longer holds its meetings at parliamentary conference hall.

This is so because the hall doesn’t have sound proof and yet Tophace may need such a facility.

In order to avoid leakages of the caucus meetings, it was deemed necessary to shift the meetings to prime minister’s conference hall or state house.

Here, even if Tophace speaks, the scribes cannot tap into the caucus conversations. She speaks with a loud bass out competing a 300MW speaker.

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