Demons have taken over Kadaga — Matembe

Former minister of Ethics and Integrity Dr. Miria Matembe has argued that speaker of parliament Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga has been taken over by demons.


Kadaga on Sunday visited a shrine on Nhendha Hill, Nakigo Sub-county in Iganga district to pay respect to clan traditions and spirits which she believe helped her emerge victor in the speakership race.

The incident has caused brouhaha in public due to divergent religious views.

Matembe while appearing on NBS TV today morning argued that the 10th parliament speaker has been attacked by demons.

“Demons have taken over Kadaga and are now in Parliament. It was wrong for her to visit the Shrine in her capacity as Speaker,” she stated.

Matembe further noted; “It was wrong for Kadaga to visit the shrine with government vehicles paid for by taxpayers’ money to pay homage to her demons.”


To oil and grease her argument, she noted that Uganda’s motto has a God with a capital G “For God and My Country” hence no room for small gods.

“How can our leaders raise the Bible and the next minute, they run to the shrines?” she queried. “Mockery…God is angry.”

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