Did NUP laxity lead to Arrest of Bobi wine in Luuka, Leading to Death of Many?

Robert Kyagulanyi holds a Press conference in Kampala, Uganda - 01 Oct 2019

Robert Kyagulanyi holds a Press conference in Kampala, Uganda

Luuka – Before entering Busoga Sub-region to hold his first campaign trail in Luuka District, Kyadondo East legislator who doubles as the National Unity Platform (NUP) Presidential Flagbearer Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine had successfully held rallies in other regions.

Despite having running battles in various places before entering Luuka , the magnitude could not be equated to what happened at Luuka leading to eventual death ,Injuries and Imprisonments of several Ugandans.

Today, we dig deep into this matter on whether the NUP Mobilization, prior planning and coordination in Luuka could have led to the Kyagulanyi Post arrest unfortunate events.

“In other Places where we had rallies we met resistance from security operatives even bigger than what happened in Luuka. But we managed to control our team and we could use our intelligence from the party on the ground to determine what could happen among other strategies’’, said a source from NUP.

A source who preferred anonymity due to the nature of sensitivity of this story, told Red pepper that the situation in Luuka went out of hand due to poor preparations by the NUP team at Luuka .

Kyagulanyi, 38, a pop star-turned-politician seen by many as the new face of Uganda’s opposition reportedly entered the polarized Luuka District after a poorly coordinated campaign rally by if not non-party members, weak opposition candidates in the area unlike where he had held rallies before.

Daniel Kamaga , Former Luuka North NUP Flag Bearer

‘’Forget about the big numbers that surfaced at the Luuka Rally, yes numbers determine politics and Kyagulanyi has to support. However, given the muddy political situation opposition operates in this period, teams on the ground have in other places established solid players with proper strategies and organization before the Presidential flag bearer visited the area, this did not happen in Luuka by the people on the ground. This is the reason why Luuka landed us in trouble,’’ added a source.

Daniel Kamaga, the former NUP Flag Bearer for Luuka South whose Victory was overturned and given to another person as the party parliamentary card holder, many argue that his absence cost the party.

Kamaga, whose whereabouts are unknown following a hunt by police over alleged subversive activities, had given a boost to the District right from funding NUP activities ,recruitment of party members and intensifying grassroots campaigns in Luuka.

‘’Kamaga had prepared a firm, organized and political tactical ground for Kyagulanyi and NUP in Luuka. However, following the frustration from the NUP Election Committee that was accused of abandoning capable party members and threats from security circles ,the former went Awol’’, revealed a source from NUP.

Kyagulanyi was arrested for allegedly contravening electoral guidelines which require candidates not to have more than 200 supporters at a rally so as to curb the spread of COVID-19 according to Police, despite having held the same rallies before in other places

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After two days of spontaneous protests in which several people died and others severely injured, Kyagulanyi was charged with breaching Covid regulations.

Sources argue that the weak NUP structures in the District failed to prepare and manage Kyagulanyi’s visit, leading to the unfortunate outcomes.

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