District bosses clash over a car

Amos Tayebwa
There was drama at IANA Gardens when the Mbarara district LC5 Chairman Didas Tabaro clashed with Loyda Twinomujuni Muhimbura, the Lady Councilor for Rubaya Sub-county over the vehicle that was handed over to the Department of Water which he claims it was procedurally wrong.
The drama started in the middle of the function that was meant to celebrate the hand over ceremony of the vehicle. This was held at IANA Gardens in Nkokonjeru in Mbarara City.  All started after Councillor Loyda ( Muhimbura) mocked the Chairman about the procedure on how  a leader or an individual  should donate to a district. In her speech she requested the chairman to educate her or advise her on how as an individual should donate or lobby for the district.  She told the chairman that lobbying or donating something to a district, to her understanding  is considered as giving service to people, that procedures shouldn’t be the case.
There was allegations that  Chairman Tabaro was not happy with the criteria or procedure  which Councilor used to donate and handover the vehicle to the district when as the Chairman was not aware. During her speech, Loyda also asked the Chairman to forgive her if she used a wrong procedure in donating this Vehicle.  It is said that this Vehicle was lobbied from the ministry of Water and environment.
It was learnt that Loyda’s words and procedure used to donate the vehicle did not amuse the Chairman. After Loyda’s speech, Tabaro immediately asked the MC to have his speech after Loyda’s speech. During his speech he started warning Councilor Loyda to stop giving speeches which are deception. He said that it was good to lobby for the district a vehicle but she used a wrong procedure of donation and the handing over.
“Me I like truth,I don’t want us always give false speeches, I cannot stop anyone to lobby for the district, but Madam Loyda  the procedure you used to donate this Vehicle was very wrong. I got information from the social media about the donation of this car and I was wondering why I was not informed about the matter, when I asked they told me that the person  who lobbied for the vehicle did not like the Chairman be informed about it the development.  You are all aware including the CAO that every project or any donation that comes into the district must come first to the office of the Chairman, why didn’t she do it up to now before she handed over her vehicle” said Chairman Tabaro.
“Actually I must tell you Madam Loyda that me as Chairman am not interested in owning this, no, it belongs to the district but I will not allow you or anyone to disrespect my office because the district doesn’t have two chairmen LC5, I wonder how can the vehicle spend two weeks in my district when the  Chairman is not aware! Am aware Madam Loyda you called  some of our government workers from the district and took them to introduce for them this Vehicle but as the Chairman I was not considered at all, is that fair? No, I don’t want you people to undermine my office please give me respect and my office. Me am not here to praise you or to tell the false things, I don’t need anything from you but the only thing I need from is unity and giving services, but you must respect the authority and the procedure, if you are lobbying for the district then structures must be in know. Therefore CAO you either guide the council technically rather than trying to play hypocrisy. Please learn procedures, once you lobby these things from government  better know that you have not  used your money it’s government money, so make sure that you bring it into the government structures” he added.
All these happened after a district Council meeting that was held few days ago at Kamukuzi when Chairman Tabaro reshuffled his executive members that shocked some of the Council members.
It is alleged that the rift between Chairman Tabaro and Councilor  Loyda is developing from political differences. It is said that Loyda has shown interest for the Mbarara District Woman MP seat. She has started early ground campaigns  a bid to unseat MP Magret Rwebyambu the current Woman MP for Mbarara District.
 However, it is rumored that the Mbarara District LC5 Chairman is a strong supporter of  the current District  MP Rwebyambu. That when Loyda came to know about it she started distancing herself from the  Chairman and stopped  from involving him in her activities.

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