Do not despair! Archbishop Stephen Kazimba to throw massive thanksgiving ceremony after COVID-19 lockdown

Kampala – Churches will be empty this Easter and Passover festivities will also take place behind closed doors owing to the COVID-19 lockdown. 

However, Archbishop Stephen Kazimba Mugalu has called upon all dioceses in the church of Uganda to plan for a massive thanksgiving ceremony. 

On Easter Friday, April 10, 2020, the Archbishop based on NBS Television portrayed plans of throwing a substantial thanksgiving ceremony after defeating the pandemic virus.

“I am calling upon all dioceses in the Church of Uganda to plan for a massive thanksgiving ceremony when the ban against gatherings is lifted. In the meantime, let’s obey the guidelines of the Ministry of Health” Archbishop Stephen Kazimba said.

 Notably, as the holy week starts, celebrations will be held without worshipers due to the coronavirus. 

Families are being strictly urged to mark the festival at home for their own protection against COVID-19. Christians will be obliged to turn to services broadcast on television or over social media this year owing to the coronavirus.

Archbishop also argued Christians to return to Jesus Christ as the center of their families and relationships in hard times. “We pray for God’s favor overall businesses being affected by the lockdown and all families to return to Jesus Christ as the center of their families and relationships” he said.

The 9th Archbishop of Church of the Uganda (CoU) Stephen Kazimba Mugalu appealed to Christians to carry the cross of Jesus spiritually by repenting since they cannot participate in carrying the cross physically.

The Archbishop further requested the security forces not to beat up fellow citizens as they implement these directives by the president rather follow the directives in a peaceful way. He also appreciated the efforts of the government in distributing food to the vulnerable societies an exercise he termed not easy. 

“We commend the efforts of the government to distribute food, even though it is not an easy exercise” he said. He auxiliary showed gratitude to the Ministry of health, specifically medical personals who continued to attend people’s sickness amidst the pandemic crisis.

“We are grateful to the Ministry of Health, and health personnel who have continued to attend to our normal sickness amid this pandemic. We appeal to the government to continue supplying them with face masks and gloves” he added.

Archbishop Stephen Kazimba Mugulu also appreciated the media houses during this time for trying to keep the country informed about coronavirus and how the country can defeat it.

Archbishop Stephen Kazimba requested Ugandans to use social media in a way that honors God.  He argued users to verify information on social media before sharing it. The Archbishop assured the public of the church of Uganda TV station that will be in place soon. “We have seen the need for a TV station for the Church of Uganda and we appeal to all stakeholders to work with us to achieve this vision”.

Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu was enthroned at the ninth Archbishop of the Church of Uganda replacing the retiring Archbishop, the Most Rev. Stanley Ntagali.  The function took place at St. Paul’s Cathedral Namirembe where more than 5,000 people attended the colorful ceremony. Ten Archbishops (Primates) from other Provinces in the Anglican Communion were also present Burundi, Brazil, Congo, England, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Sudan, North America, Tanzania along with other Anglican Bishops from Kenya, Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi, South Africa, Australia, United States of America, and England.

The Rt. Rev. Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu was elected the 9th Archbishop of the Church of Uganda during a meeting of the House of Bishops on 28th August. Bishop Kaziimba was consecrated Bishop on 26th October 2008 and served as the Bishop of Mityana Diocese for eleven years.

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