DONE DEAL!! Bashir To Repair M7 Fighter Jets

President Museveni has secured a deal in which Sudan is going to assist his armed forces in repairing all faulty fighter jets and military artillery.

done deal

The two countries will also have exchange programs for military and technological officers both in government and armed forces.

This is part of the secret deal clinched by the commander in chief during his historic last week’s visit to Khartoum.


According to our sources on that trip, president Museveni left for Sudan for three major issues.

One was about education, trade and peace and security. Museveni according to our sources held talks between him and his hitherto nemesis Sudanese president Field Marshal Omar El Bashir.

The two leaders according to our sources held talks in relation to the following deals.

On security, our insiders told us that both leaders were concerned about regional security.

Secondly, on Uganda’s case, sources assured us that currently, the UPDF is facing a challenge of acquisition of sophiscated arms and also repairing them.

Here, our sources told us that the two leaders agreed that Sudan will help Uganda in repairing some of these faulty military equipment.

“There are military equipment which are going to be serviced and repaired from Sudan. We agreed that we can cooperate in areas of security. We saw that Sudan has capacity to handle some of the equipment we have where we face challenges in servicing and repairing. We are also going to have exchange programs,” a source told us adding that after Museveni clinched this deal, this is the reason Bashir gave him his vice president to take him around the Sudanese military plants for him to see the capacity his country has to do this assignment.

According to sources, Bashir also agreed to work with Uganda on matters of education.

Here, he even gave Museveni 30 scholarships for students to study in various fields including weaponry, medicine among others.

On his part, Bashir pleaded with Museveni for trade issues.

According to sources, Bashir told Museveni that prior to their fall out, Sudan was enjoying a lot of Ugandan agricultural products mainly tea, maize among others.

These products were directly being obtained through Uganda to Sudan without using any other routes.

However, because of strained relations, Sudan has been accessing these products through the Indian Ocean, a process which was described a tedious.

But now, with the renewed relations, Sudan will import directly from Uganda through a direct link.


Our sources told us that prior to his departure, Museveni wanted to go with several ministers.

One of them was that of security Mary Karooro Okurut.

However, the president of recent got a security brief detailing to him the key ministries that will make miracles for him in the coming election.

The ministries include health led by Elioda Tumwesigye, energy led by Irene Muloni, education led by Jessica Alupo, works led by John Byabagambi, agriculture led by Tress Bucyanayandi, water by Ephraim Kamuntu, gender led by Muruli Mukasa.

All these ministries are directly linked to service delivery. We were told that security got information that the anti-Museveni forces led by Amama Mbabazi have designed a deadly campaign plan where they want to take on Museveni on service delivery ministries but also target the politicians presiding over them.

As such, it was agreed that though the president had asked ministers not to go into grass root NRM politics but instead wait for the national elections, he allegedly pardoned them so that they could go to the ground to strengthen the ground and also explain more about service delivery.

“These ministers have been heading sensitive ministries. The entire government’s performance is judged according to the performance of these sectors. Therefore these ministers have been busy and had little time to be in their constituencies,” sources stated.

It was for that reason according to sources that Karooro even missed out on this important trip to Sudan and instead the president went with Muruli Mukasa [minister for gender].

Secondly, it was deemed necessary to go with Mukasa because insiders told us that prior to this trip, Mukasa during his stay in security ministry before going to gender recently, he had been part of the team that initiated this whole plan to restore relations with Sudan.

“Mukasa knew most of the things that were to be discussed and signed by the two leaders. Having been in security ministry, the president asked Muruli to go with him because he had been part of the whole project,” sources explained.

Recently, when he declared his intentions to challenge Museveni, former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi zeroed on ministries of education and health where he said needed more reforms.

Museveni now wants the ministers heading these sectors helped so that they bounce back having worked tirelessly to deliver his manifesto.

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