DP’s Nabukenya Wins Luweero Woman MP By-Election

Brenda Nabukenya, Luweero Woman MP

Brenda Nabukenya the Democratic Party candidate has been declared the winner of Luweero Woman Member of Parliament by Elections.

Brenda Nabukenya
Brenda Nabukenya

Nabukenya beat National Resistance Movement candidate Rebecca Balwana Nalwanga and independents Faridah Namubiru and Ramulah Kadaala.

At 3:20am, the Luweero returning Officer Alex Komuhangi declared Brenda Nabukenya as winner of the by election after garnering 38,586 votes while her closest rival Rebecca Nalwanga garnered  22,236 votes  .

The other independent candidates Ramulah Kadaala pulled 768 votes and Faridah Namubiru got only 717 votes.

Immediately after the declaration Nabukenya’s supporters who had been engaged in scuffles with police over delays in announcing the results broke into jubilation.

Nabukenya says she expected to retake the seat people in the district are desperate for the change and NRM government has failed to deliver for 28 years.Nabukenya promised to front the unresolved veterans’ compensation issues and tackle poverty.

By time of filling the supporters of Brenda Nabukenya had hit roads celebrating whereas other stormed bars among other entertainment places.

Neither NRM’s Nalwanga nor other NRM leaders could be seen at the tally center. The Luweero Former LC 5 Chairman and campaign for Nalwanga says that he has accepted that they were defeated.

Tension in Luweeero and Wobulenzi town council is still high as police maintains heavy deployment to  avert any possible clashes over disagreements by supporters of NRM and Democratic party.

Nabukenya had won the same seat in November 2011 by Elections but Appellant Court nullified in it 2014 on grounds that it was not conducted within the laws and ordered for by Elections.

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  1. Brenda Nabukenya has defeated Rebecca Nalwanga. We can also say that in this context, Prof. Gilbert Bukenya has beaten President Yoweri Museveni!

  2. This is great stuff; Brenda is a great lady who embodies the feelings of the overwhelming majority of people in this down-trodden country.. Bravo, Brenda!!!

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