Dr. Stella Nyanzi vows to undress again if Prof. Mamdani is not suspended

Dr. Nyanzi

Dr. Stella Nyanzi, a research fellow at Makerere Institute of Social Research (MISR) has said she will undress again if her boss Prof. Mahmood Mamdani is not suspended.

Dr. Nyanzi
Dr. Nyanzi


This follows her suspension on Friday by the university’s appointment board. On Monday Dr. Stella Nyanzi stunned her admirers and critics when she stripped protesting closure of her office by the institute’s executive director Mamdani.

“If the Appointments Board at Makerere University does not suspend Mahmood Mamdani, I will undress at the Freedom Square in protest against this board’s exoneration of his hand in creating the ‪#‎RotAtMISR‬,” Dr. Stella said in a social media post.

Adding; “Mamdani sodomized my contract as a Research Fellow by forcing me to teach. Mamdani raped the Human Resources policy by killing all premiere levels of appeal against staff victimisation. Mamdani overstepped his pay-check by evicting me from my office in this public institute. Mamdani raised his middle finger to the Deputy Vice Chancellor who stayed the eviction. And Mamdani was insubordinate to the Committee that summoned him to explain the MISR saga.”

She argued that rather than Rather than penalising Mahmood Mamdani for variously injuring her, the Appointments Board suspended her. “I am going to undress myself at the Freedom Square of Makerere University, if Mahmood Mamdani is not suspended in equal measure.”

The university appointment’s board has set up another committee to investigate the disagreement between Prof Mahmood Mamdan and Dr Stella Nyanzi at the institute.

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