DTB Commences Digital Campaign, reduced rates in COVID-19 fight

Varghese Thambi managing director DTB Uganda

Varghese Thambi managing director DTB Uganda

Kampala – Diamond Trust Bank Uganda (DTB) has launched a digital revolution campaign to enhance financial inclusion whilst limiting the social contact of customers at bank premises and exchange of cash.

The effort follows the ‘government against the COVID19’ objective.

During the launch, Varghese Thambi, managing director DTB expressed that the digital substitution is a culmination of the bank’s intensified innovations to boost financial inclusion yet offering affordable banking services; reduced transaction rates on payments and funds transfers.

“Cognizant of the current economically challenging times, as DTB, we understand the customer’s need to reduce costs, make a saving and re-invest it. That is why we have rolled out the Digital Revolution campaign to meet our customer’s needs,” Thambi noted.

Under the campaign, DTB is extending to its customers the DTB Digital Savings account. The account allows customer digital connectivity through DTB 24/7 Mobile Banking that enables timeless and borderless secure banking. Thus the customer can easily make deposits, withdrawals, payments, purchases transfer funds, and control their Bank account on the go.

The DTB Digital Revolution reduces rates by over 90%. Thus from spending UGX 120,000 to UGX 3,000. With the new service, there is no banking cost.

In addition, Thambi explained that the campaign looks forward to increasing financial inclusion by attracting the unbanked population into formal financial services.

Bank will also support businesses using online money transfer services enabling reduced transaction costs.

“Businesses have been affected negatively by Covid-19 and its adverse effect. We are aiming at revitalizing these businesses. Reduction of operational costs is one of the ways in which we shall achieve this for our business partners,” he said.

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