Dubai Ruler Rescues Women Stranded In Desert

A woman had an unexpected encounter with the Ruler of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum after her car became stuck in the Dubai desert.

Hanna Karen Arroyo said the Dubai ruler the all powerful Sheikh and his crew came to her assistance when she and her friend were unable to tow their car out of the sand.

“My friend and I got stuck on the desert of Dubai and we got rescued by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid,” she wrote on Twitter.

Photos show an Emirati boy helping to attach a rope between Hanna’s car and Sheikh Mohammed’s famous G-class Mercedes with the “Dubai 1” number plate.

RULER’S CAR: The famous G-class Mercedes with the “Dubai 1” number plate

Afterwards, the Dubai ruler posed for a picture with Hanna and her friend, as well as another motorist who had tried to help.

It’s not the first time Sheikh Mohammed has saved the day in the Dubai desert.

Last year, photos emerged of the ruler coming to the rescue of a trio of cyclists who became stranded in the Al Qudra desert after one of their bikes broke.

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  1. Humour from a high profile figure what a real life ruler in modern times!! Simplicity at work and not pomp as we see in other parts of the world. Thank you your HH.

  2. What a good example how can a Bid person with a big profile and rich take his time to care about those people as you all know like in Africa our readers want to be praised just but cannot care for their peopple, long live HH

    1. If you light a lamp for someone else.
      It will also brighten your path.
      Good Samaritan.

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