Ekanya Seeks to Reduce Number of MPs

Tororo Country MP Geokffrey Ekanya
Tororo Country MP Geokffrey Ekanya

Tororo County Mp Geofrey Ekanya says he has finalised a motion that seeks to reduce the number of MPs in parliament .

he was speaking to journalists outside Parliament today morning, ekanya argues that a small and well facilitated parliament is better than the huge 375 member house which is more often than not manipulated by the executive, he says that a small parliament will see mps become more effective and their work well defined ” some people are saying the ekanya’s are quiet, but what time will i get to speak when the speaker allocates you only 2minutes and the next time you get a chance to speak will be two days later because of the big number” the youthful legislator explained.

Hon. Ekanya’s Motion is an answer to calls from various sections of society that have called on Government to reduce the cost of public administration, by reducing the number of ministers and MP’s who currently Number a Whooping 375. the director of the Advocates coalition for Development and the Environment Godber Tumushabe says that the government must emphasize quality over quantity ” we can’t have every one in parliament”

the number of MP’s in Parliament plus the amount of money  spent on them has been a bone of contention with the opposition blaming it on the Governments policy of creating News districts, with the government arguing that its improves service delivery and representation.

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4 thoughts on “Ekanya Seeks to Reduce Number of MPs

  1. You are absolutly right Hon. Ekanya these honourables just warm the chairs of the august house but no work done their just to recieve milions as saralies and other benefits while their people in their respective constituancies are suffering.i support your motion go a head honourable.

  2. I know people talk the taik but fail to walk it ,this time around Ekanya needs to be supported on this matter of genuine national interest which has bled the country for long,This money can be channelled to the MPs who will continue to be in parliament to ensure effective representation and others will go towards social services delivery ,poverty alleviation and production with value addition ,KUDOS Hon Ekanya

  3. In fact each district should have one representative in Parliament since districts are now too many

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