Nodding Disease Report will Be out Next week

Nodding disease patients

Nodding disease patients
Nodding disease patients

The minister for Health Dr Chritine Ondoa has said the Much Awaited Nodding Disease Report will be out Next week.

Speaking to the media today at the minsitry of Health, Dr ondoa said they have made progress in combating the disease and also helping the disease victims where by atleast  50% of them can now feed themselves and 30% can take care of themselves this is compared to 5% and 7% at the end of lats year.

the minister also urged the public to remain vigilant saying they now have drugs that can treat atleat two strains of the dead disease. the reports is expected to tell the public the cause of Nodding Disease and how it affected Northern Uganda.

The disease causes seizures and the victim becomes physically and mentally stunted, resulting into blindness and death.Health officials say the attacks are triggered by food. The seizure begins when the affected person begins to eat.

They start nodding with uncoordinated hand movements, so they fail to get food into the mouth. The odd causes of the disease have forced some parents to avoid feeding their children. Reports indicated that some parents were tying the affected children to trees to control the uncoordinated hand movements.

Nodding disease or nodding syndrome is little known. It is said to have first emerged in Sudan in the 1980s.

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