EX Miss Uganda Flees Kigali After ‘Stealing’ Orphanage Money

Praise Akankwansa

Ex Miss Uganda Praise Asiimwe has gone into hiding after she was suspected of embezzling orphanage funds.

Praise Akankwansa
Praise Akankwansa

The 2005-2007 beauty queen who has been working as the Public Relations Officer of King Fiscal Hospital in Kigali is allegedly to have stolen unspecified amount of money that was meant for orphans.

Sources in Kigali have revealed that funds were gathered by the Hospital staff as to help needy orphans living in different areas of Kigali city.

The Hosptital has issued a statement of her dismissal and brought the issue to the concerned bodies as to arrest and bring her to justice.

Praise held the Miss Uganda crown for two years and she represented Uganda in Miss World Contest that took place on Poland.

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  1. She is a pastor’s daughter..look how well she has turnef out. She is starting to get prolific

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