Express FC Awarded 3 Points Off JMC Hippos

Express FC Awarded 3 Points Off JMC Hippos

The Azam Uganda Premier league team Express FC has been awarded 3 free points from their latest match which they lost to JMC Hippos.

This comes after the league’s top management proved beyond reasonable doubt that Hippos fielded ineligible players against Express FC in a match played on December 9.

The game ended 1:0 in favour of JMC Hippos.

Express left unsatisfied and filed a petition faulting Hippos for fielding players that were ineligible as per FUFA rules and regulations.

In October this year FUFA ordered club players who were using provisional licenses to get original licenses as soon as possible to avoid being nullified.

“Bearers of provisional player licenses after October 22, 2016 shall be considered ineligible players,” Part of FUFA letter dated 23rd September 2016 reads.

It was however identified that some of Hippos’ players do not poses the license thus nullifying the results.

“On the basis of the referee’s match report for the match in question, the UPL Secretariat has nullified the result of the above match which had ended 1-0 in favour of JMC Hippos FC and awarded Express FC 3 points and 3 goals,” The letter reads in parts.

“This is in accordance with Article 19(10) & (11) of FUFA Competitions Rules 2016/2017 which read thus; 10) Only FUFA Licensed players shall be eligible to play in FUFA Competitions. 11) A Club that fields an ineligible player shall lose the match by forfeiture to the opposing team.”

The League’s CEO Bainamani Bernard Bampaire asserts that JMC Hippos FC has a right of appeal against the UPL Secretariat’s decision if they are dissatisfied with this ruling.

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