Fabiola, Meddie Romance Takes New Twist

Meddie and Fabiola enjoying the night

After she was booted out of NTV, Anita Kyarimpa famously known as Fabiola immediately hooked Meddie Ssentongo, one of the city’s big spenders.

Meddie and Fabiola enjoying the night
Meddie and Fabiola enjoying the night

Latest information coming in has it that the couple is building their relationship to a new level, as they continue to hangout every night.

The currently unemployed Fabiola was spotted on Monday night getting cozy and tipsy in one of the city’s top hangouts and in company of her new bonkmate, Meddie.

Clad in a yellow dress, Fabiola had her juicy thighs and boobs all on display, instantly making Meddie’s whopper dance calypso.

According to sources, the two drunk themselves silly and their destination from the club was unknown but most probably it was to Meddie’s crib for a steamy romp.

Besides, impeccable sources have it on record that Meddie is planning to wed Fabiola after proposing to her on Friday night.

Sources say that Meddie popped the question on Friday night at Club Venom and it was witnessed by their tight friends Gareth Onyango and Nickita Bachu.

Apparently, Meddie offered over 6M to the Hello tabloid to stop publishing stories about Fabiola, which was instantly rubbished as the editors advised him to use it as Tissue.

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