Flights Resume At Entebbe Airport-CAA

The Ethiopian Airlines flight no. ET 338, a Boeing 737-800 Aircraft, which overshot the runway on landing at 12.41 am was removed from the runway end at 10.15 am and flight operations resumed.

Please proceed with your scheduled flight in and out of Entebbe International Airport.

Nabacwa Alexia Lydia  said ” I thank God we were not hurt physically but psychologically hurt”.

Ugandans have reacted differently to the accident , read their posts below.

Ronald SsekandiNabacwa Alexia Lydia my challenge here is CAA, Pilot or Ethiopian Airlines is not telling the truth. Pilot says he hit a pothole, CAA says the pilot over shot the runway, Ethiopian Airlines says the plane skidded off the runway. Kati is it my head? Oba they are all saying the same thing.

Emmanuel Wamimbi Robert Fungo Matanda I know u are their ardent supporter, but this was clearly technical negligence of the crew, I am not a pilot but as a regular flyer this was clearly an aspect of poor judgment putting many lives at stake , the pilot should have done a touch on the run way and gotten back to the sky.

Robert Fungo Matanda I think the pilot tried his best, otherwise the plane would be in lake victoria at the end of the runway.

Emmanuel WamimbiRobert Fungo Matanda in my opinion and after widely consulting, he should have touched the run way and taken off back to the sky, that was the best decision, what was done was terribly risky, thank God all are safe.

Robert Fungo MatandaEmmanuel Wamimbi your right. That is after making a wrong timing of first touch on the run way. I have also experienced that timing issue. Normally the pilot goes back into the air and returns and touches down at the right angle.

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