Heavy rains destroy bridge, homes in Rukungiri and Isingiro

Ntungamo  – HEAVY rains and landslides have destroyed property, roads and crops worth millions of shillings in Isingiro and Ntungamo districts. 

In Nyakishenyi sub county Kajara county Ntungamo district bridges, homes and roads and destroyed crop gardens were washed away. 

Eric Kazigaba the Bukamba village Chairperson says that the most affected villages include Bukamba, Kakoki, Kinoni, and Rwembogo.

Kazigaaba said that the floods as a result of heavy rains which started on Saturday morning at around 2am, washed away Ahakishenyi bridge that Connects Bukamba and Kigarama villages, and also washed away Omurweega Kigarama bridge that Connects Omurweega Trading Center to Kigarama cell.

He also noted that the floods also washed away Nyabihoko Rushenyi bridge that Connects Kajara and Runshenyi counties at Kanyampumo in the neighbouring Nyabihoko Sub County.

Kazigaaba also noted that Kanyampumo Nyabushenyi road and Katinda Kanyampumo roads are all impassible due to the floods. He further noted that the heavy rains have also swept away at least 7 houses all in Omurweega Trading Center in Bukamba cell.

Kazigaaba added that the rains also swept away at least 470 acres of crops in Bukamba cell including banana plantations, coffee gardens, gardens of beans, sweet potatoes and maize. 

Robert Byamanyoha a resident of Bukamba says that he has lost at least 10 acres of coffee to the rains as well as 17 acres of banana plantations.  

John Erick Nowamani another resident of Bukamba cell who also lost at least 8 acres of bean garden said that they need government’s intervention to provide relief food to many residents especially those whose food crop gardens have been swept away.

Also several houses in Ntungamo town were flooded with water like the office of the National Resistance movement in Ntungamo town. 

Allan Sempebwa the Uganda national roads authority media manager says that The UNRA road maintenance team working with the Uganda Police Traffic team has deployed in Mbarara,  Ntungamo and Bunagana to divert traffic following road damage at Kaharo 18 kilometres from Kabale town on the Ntungamo—Kabale road as the road has been temporarily closed as traffic has been diverted. 

“We’re also monitoring the section as landslides in the area continue to affect the road network. Interventions to treat the pavement failure will follow as the rains subside”. Sempebwa said. 

He also says that other roads in Ntungamo and Isingiro districts have been affected like Kakuru–Rubaare,Rwahi—Rwashamaire in Ntungamo Ruti—Mwizi—Kikagati at Kabuyanda trading centre, Isingiro as they are trying to work on them. 

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