Mechanical workshops, restaurants cleared to resume with lockdown extended by 14days

Mechanical workshop and garages to resume operations amid COVID-19 lockdown.

President Yoweri Museveni delivers an address recently. (FILE PHOTO)

Kampala – President Yoweri Museveni, has on Tuesday, May 4, announced the lifting of measures for some sectors amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

In a live televised address, President Museveni revealed that hardware shops, wholesalers and restaurants shall resume operation in the wake of the lockdown.

He, however, emphasised that private and public transport, schools and other activities with any gatherings will remain suspended

“Workers that were supposed to be encamped near the workplace can continue with that or use any of the modes of transport laid out. Bus, cycle or walk. These workers are known and we can follow and monitor their family,” President Museveni.

“We have not yet found it wise to open public transport or private transport except for Essential Workers whose vehicles were issued stickers,” Mr. Museveni asserted emphasising the ban on transport,

Mechanical workshop and garages to resume operations amid COVID-19 lockdown.

Other services permitted to operate include insurance and law society with as a section set to be disbursed with stickers to ease their movement.

“We need lawyers. Uganda Law Society will be allowed 30 lawyers at any one time to handle urgent matters. Restaurants can only provide take away. The warehouse will be allowed to open. Schools will remain closed,” Museveni clarified

Restaurants permitted to operate but to offer delivery and take-away services.

President Museveni has revealed that stringent measures of social distancing and wearing face mask shall remain mandatory.

“It is now Mandatory for everyone not in their house to wear a face mask covering the nose or mouth. Not the surgical mask, N95 mask. It is crucial that everyone in public wear a mask. Remember, the virus rides on the droplets,” President Museveni.

“With these limited measures of opening up, we must maintain the other measures of social distancing, keeping four metres apart, and staying home if unwell. The health teams will come and check you at home,” Mr Museveni added

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