Former Bubulo West MP Tony Nsubuga Kipoi has been extradited back to Uganda from Botswana following his arrest in the south African country.

Kipoi arrived at Entebbe international airport under heavy security. He looked in good shape but was marshaled by guards and his feed were shackled with chains.

Published reports indicate Kipoi was arrested in early February after he was accused of pretending to be a dangerous witch and defrauding Botswana women of more than Shs110million in fake deals.

Kipoi, before he fled Uganda, was facing charges of treason and plotting to overthrow the government.

He was also wanted for kidnapping a South African national and of dealing in narcotic drugs. Under Ugandan law he is presumed innocent until he is convicted by a court of law. He is yet to be charged.

His treason charge alleges that he held a meeting with Congo rebels and errant UPDF soldiers in a guest house in Kabarole District last year with intention to arm them and overthrow the Uganda government.

Government spokesman Ofwono Opondo announced the impending extradition from Botwasna on twitter this morning.

“Fugitive former Bubulo West MP, Tonny Kipoi Nsubuga is due to be delivered at Entebbe this morning 10.20am from Botswana following negotiations by Uganda’s External Security Organisation (ESO),” Opondo tweeted.

SUSPECT: Kipoi is accused of pretending to be a witch in Botswana

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  1. There are opposition leaders in Uganda whom I have respect for because of their genuine love and efforts for a better country. However Mr. Semujju Nganda disappointed me with his comments at Entebbe Airport upon the arrival of Mr. Nsubuga Kipoi. Can the honorable Nganda tell me how a profile of a criminal ought to be?. I respect that he is the opposition spokesman, but his comments were not convincing or even befitting of his stature. What for example is “Kwara kwara” government? or that Kipoi could not con shs. 110 million when he used to earn 25 million?! really! I thought that was the amount conned from just one victim who was brave enough to report to police. Or is Hon. Nganda saying the Government of Botswana is also “kwara kwara”?. Then this allegation of publicity stunt… Let us give credit were credit is due, Botswana is a very democratic country and our opposition leaders need to be mindful of their words .. if we are to continue to respect them.

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