Rwenzururu Kingdom officials have appealed to Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister Gen. Kahinda Otafiire to weigh in and enable the expeditious release of embattled Rwenzururu King Charles Wesley Mumbere.

Gad Mbayahi, the chairman of the Prime Ministerial Committee made the call on Saturday at Social Services grounds in Kasese town during the celebrations to mark the tenth anniversary of Kasese Guide Radio where Otafiire was the chief guest.

Mbayahi asked Otafiire to engage President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in order to enable the release of the Omusinga and detainees at Kirinya Government Prison.
Mbayahi argues that the relative peace which Kasese has enjoyed for almost two years now is not sustainable if Mumbere and his subjects are still under detention.
Mumbere, his Prime Minister John Thembo Kitsumbire,and about 200 kingdom loyalists were arrested on the November 27, 2016 after security forces bombarded his Buhikira Royal Palace in Kasese town.
Security claimed the place was harbouring criminals that had been attacking government military installations.

The King and the Prime Minister were later released on court bail but restricted to movements within and around Kampala, while the loyalists remain under detention at Kirinya Prisons in Jinja. They continue battling charges like terrorism, treason, murder, attempted murder and arson among others.

Otafiire, in response said the government continues to engage on finding a lasting solution to the Rwenzori Question.
He however, called on the people of Kasese to desist from tribal chauvinism and instead develop the spirit of nationalism.
Otafiire also implored the people of Kasese to work hard and promote peace and unity if they are to realise development.


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2 thoughts on “Free Our King, Rwenzururu Begs

  1. The Omusinga case has not been given much attention because of the politics involved.He might as well have been deposed quietly.

  2. The obusinga issue needs to be settled amicably
    there seems to be delayed tactics being employted
    otherwise peace has to be restored.

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