Museveni Attacks Kayihura’s Police Again

President Museveni yesterday took a thinly veiled attack at the Police force and its former boss Kale Kayihura for using backward methods in fighting criminality.

Museveni said the country is gripped with a wave of kidnappings and unsolved crimes because the police is still backward methods of investigations.

The President was speaking at the thanksgiving ceremony for Kampala Minister Beti Kamya on Sunday.

“The criminals aren’t so powerful like the police and they can easily be defeated because they are actually known. However, the problem is that police is still using traditional methods of investigations by basing on hearsay hence failing to get criminals.”

Museveni added: “When Kaweesi (Felix) was murdered, I told you that police had been infiltrated by criminals. There are still kawukumi (weevil) which they have failed to eliminate.”

The president was referring to weevils in the police force two months after firing the former IGP Kale Kayihura and replacing him with his deputy Okoth Martins Ochola.

He seems to be implying that the series of reshuffles and re-alignments ordered by Ochola are intended to rid the force of more weevils that had infiltrated the police during Kayihura’s reign as boss.

After the murder of Kaweesi who was a senior ranking officer at the rank of AIGP, the police rounded u scores of suspects and tortured most of them in dungeons and safe houses on suspicion they were involved in the murder of Kaweesi. All have since been released and the Kaweesi murder has become a cold case.

“I want to assure you that urban crime will be no more. For instance we have held key suspects in the murder of Susan Magara and the other one is in South Africa. After installing CCTV cameras, we shall be able to effectively monitor crime,” the president said.


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