FRESH NEW KABALE JUICE! Meet curvy,Bummy Harley giving Kabale hyenas a run for their money

All hyenas in Kabale right now are sharpening their teeth to have a piece of this young fresh and bummy hot gal that just happened since the beginning of this month.

Harley Harrison as she calls herself is the new gal in the town of Kabale causing  eruptions amongst men. To some, angels are a myth but to many who appreciate beauty, they will surely agree angels exist after seeing the stunning beauty and the attractive look of this Mukiga gal.

Harley is a calm soul whose unmeasured beauty will leave you gasping for breath. Her spotlessly soft tender face will send a warm chasm down your ribs.

She’s obviously hot, classy and trendy, in sync with the latest dope look and fashion.

Harley also nicknamed ‘Harley Harrison’ is a  student at Kabale University.

She is sought after because of that figure which passes you at campus and you can’t help but stare.

Harley is a woman whose beauty radiates like the glowing early morning sun. Her smile, spotless face and the way dresses drape her body is enough to stop the room. The dress exposes her impossibly soft skin having every guy ache to reach out just for a moment and feel.

She is the cutest thing known to have fallen out from the hills of Kabale. She loves making friends, swimming and reading novels.


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