From Ugandans!! 10 Angry comments on the closure of Entebbe Road

The on-going closure of Entebbe road due to visits of foreign heads of state has left Ugandans bitter and have resorted to social media to expressing their anger


South Korean leader Park Geun-hye arrived on Saturday and left on Monday while Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will arrive in Uganda today.

The visiting of foreign heads of state has forced security to close Entebbe Road.

Below are the comments that Ugandans posted on social media.

“Next time a US President visits Uganda we might all be asked to leave Uganda and return when they are gone.” Patrick Kanyomozi.

“My attention has been drawn to the genius who thought it wise close off the road to Entebbe Airport yesterday thereby inconveniencing other road users and travellers to the Airport during the South Korean President’s visit. We need such brave decisions that shake the elite from their comfort zones. Only then can we deepen civic competence!!” Edgar Mivunyi Tabaro.

“Can Government provide the public with a schedule of visiting leaders so that we know when to conveniently book flights or arrange temporary stay off Entebbe road” Fred Kakooza.

“The tourist must come here aware some days roads will be closed. And it is the truth. Some days they will be open. Some days flights will be missed. Some days the airport will be closed to commercial traffic. I think that is branding Uganda the right and authentic way. Telling the world that we don’t close roads to Airports when we do is false branding or air supply typical of Kampala’s con artists” Robert Shaka.

“Nothing explains the closure of a road because of a visiting Head of State. No single country can close a road because an African president has visited. Just imagine how much Uganda has lost by closing a major Highway for 4 days.   Then we call on tourists to come and visit when they have to walk 10km with baggage on their heads Third World madness” Muhammad Nsereko, Kampala Central MP.

“For those of you who say ‘Uganda belongs to all of us,’ why have you failed to access Entebbe Road?” Nicholas Sengoba

“The current occupation and limitation on movement and no right to road usage in #Uganda sums up to one thing #WeAreAllPrisoners” Shawn Mubiru Jr

“So, Prime Ministers of some countries that were once at a level of development similar to ours 4 decades ago visit us, and a whole week has to be laid to waste to allow them safe travel? Why? Who bewitched us? If Obama came, I guess we would have to pack bags and leave for our villages (pity those with villages in Kololo).

God, we really ask for your forgiveness. We are shameless sinners, but we have suffered enough as Africans. Have pity on us merciful Lord, that we may be delivered from self-imposed pain, through Jesus Christ’s name, Amen” Daniel Bwambale B. Mutahunga

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