Fufa, USLL In Truce Over Topflight

The Federation of Uganda Football Associations (Fufa) and Uganda Super League Limited (USLL) have reached an agreement to run one uncontested topflight competition starting with the 2014/15 season.

photo1The two issued a joint statement signed by Moses Magogo, the Fufa Ltd president, and Kavuma Kabenge, the USLL chairman, on Saturday confirming the developmentwhich was overseen by Sports state minister Charles Bakkabulindi.

“After signing this agreement both parties have been assured and guaranteed by the sponsors of the continued provision of funds effective 2014/5 season with more innovations extending beyond the Super League matches.

“It has also been agreed that as a re-branding strategy, for the 2014/5 Season the top-tier league will be known as the Uganda Premier League (UPL) composed of 16 clubs that will be licensed by Fufa in accordance with the Fufa Club Licensing Regulations.

“Through the Sponsorship contracts between USLL and the Sponsors, USLL will avail Fufa with the funds to finance the Club football.

“In return, Fufa will ensure organisation of football matches in accordance with association football rules and fulfilling minimum Television requirements as expected by the Sponsors.”

USLL have a five-year broadcast deal with SuperSport International, which contract expires in after the 2015//16 season.

The USLL and Fufa fell out at the end of the 2012 season when the latter accused the latter of ‘going against Association Football rules,’ and consequently withdrawing the mandate to run the super division league from USLL.

This led to the creation of the rival Fufa Super League (FSL) and USLL maintaining their stand as the legal ones, hence the country witnessing two topflight competitions.

The deal, however, leaves several gaping holes. Nowhere in the agreement is the case of Maroons FC, the USLL 2012 champions, mentioned.

Unlike most clubs which featured in both the USLL and the FSL, the Prisons side remained in the former but it appears they will not feature in the UPL.

Still, the agreement is between Fufa Ltd and USLL yet the former’s legality is yet to be resolved both by government and courts of law. Government is yet to issue a new Sports Policy that will go some way in addressing sports governance issues.

Source: Supersport

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