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Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has described fallen former Vice President General Mustafa Adrisi as a decent person.

President Museveni says that in spite of serving a regime that made many mistakes, General Adrisi managed to remain a decent person. Museveni says that it was Adrisi’s goodness that put him at odds with President Idi Amin’s regime. Museveni says that this is why Amin’s officials targeted the General and tried to kill him.

Museveni adds that General Mustafa did not believe in killing people saying that it was his biggest problem with Amin’s regime.

Members of the army carry Adrisi's body to parliament
Army officers carry Adrisi’s body to parliament on Tuesday. The former VP passed away on Sunday

The President’s comments on the fallen General were made after he had paid his respect to the General in the Parliamentary lobby where the body was laid for public viewing.

Museveni also extended his condolences to the family and spent a few minutes in a private meeting with the wife to the late and her children in the VIP room at Parliament.

Museveni says that his government had worked well with Adrisi since he returned from exile. The President added that Adrisi was forced to flee into exile by the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) government. He accused the UPC of adopting the line that anyone who had worked with Amin was bad.

President Museveni says that his government challenged this approach once in power and this is why General Mustafa Adrisi returned together with all the people of West Nile who had fled.

The President says that by 1986, half a million Ugandans lived in exile. The four countries with the largest number of exiles in the world then were Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Sudan and Uganda. Records indicate that Uganda had a population of 15 million people in 1985.

Adrisi had sought refuge in Sudan.

Moses Ali signs the condolence book at parliament
Second Deputy  Prime Minister Moses Ali signs the condolence book at parliament

General Adrisi died on Sunday morning at Mulago Referral Hospital where he was being treated for hypertension, diabetes and a fracture in his right leg.

He is believed to have died at the age of 87.

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