GNL Appoints Himself Music Ambassador For Environment

GNL Zamba

GNL Zamba at one of the largest aquarium in the world
GNL Zamba at one of the largest aquarium in the world

Baboon Forest Entertainment boss, GNL Zamba is now Uganda’s Music environmental ambassador.

He will now start the campaign to conserve the environment in Uganda through music and arts.

GNL’s says that its breath taking and inspiring to have the love for nature.

“I had a chance of visiting the largest aquarium in the world when i toured in Georgia, worked with Wildlife Uganda, visited the Gorillas in Bwindi and fed the Baboons at Karuma and Queen Elizabeth Park. It made me want to preserve and conserve more to protect the beauty and aesthetic value of the environment we live in,” said GNL Zamba in a press statement

He further explained that; “As a lover of animals and nature i nominate myself as the music ambassador for the environment.

Take it upon myself to carry out the role of environmental education n responsibility working towards sustainable development to my generation.

“I understand this is my purpose not because i graduated a student of environmental management but because of the notion that agrees with the saying that “we do-not inherit the environment from our parents; we borrow it from our children,” said GNL

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