Gorgeous Mckenzie outs hit song on Covid ‘Kintabula’

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Covid 19 has hit Uganda and the world globally. Every hopeful message about Covid is like a gift from God. Fast rising singer MCkenzie  Ayato recently released a song  ‘ Kintabula’ that brought back hope into people’s lives. The song is trending and  has  found its way into the deejays’ play list catalog for rotation!

‘Kintabula ’, Luganda song, is a new song off forthcoming songs by the gorgeous singer.

‘Kintabula ‘exudes maturity; a singer singing about  Covid 19. It has depressed many and the scientists are also confused since they don’t have conclusive answers. The new normal is being forced as if we will never recover from the deadly virus. In the song she tells people to choose hope and see that all will be well.


 Written by herself with beautiful sounds of a flute reverberates in the background as a mixture of rich percussive sounds paint a fine contemporary lyrics.

McKenzie  Ayato is one the fast rising singers who also loves playing cricket. She once played for the National team. Listen and subscribe to her youtube channel; 

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