By Jolly Gwari

His excellence the President of the Republic of Uganda has continuously guided and directed all government schools should buy their furniture requirements from local manufacturers. President Museveni is aiming at supporting and developing domestic industries in the country as well as the overall national economy.

 “Procurement sector is one of the key tools that the government can utilize to support direct/ or indirectly our domestic industry and the overall national economy.

In a bid to achieve Government of Uganda’s local policy interns like Buy Uganda Build Uganda and develop Uganda’s local industry, there is an urgent need for all government institutions to support through procuring all their furniture requirements from local manufacturers” he says. 

Mr. President has directed the Executive Director, PPDA to monitor compliance and ensure that all procurement and disposing entities comply with the circular directive. 

The purpose of this circular is to instruct all accounting officers, heads of state enterprises, public corporations, and heads of parastatals, to procure all their furniture requirements from National, or resident providers engaged in the manufacturing process.

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