Greater Jinja Leaders Praise Museveni For Dev’t, Share on National Cake

President Museveni Speaks to the NRM leaders in Jinja on Friday December 4

Jinja – National Resistance Movement (NRM) leaders in Jinja have praised party chairman and presidential flag-bearer Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for the developments realised in the metropolitan area in Busoga.

While addressing President Museveni and other party leaders at Jinja Rugby Club on Saturday, Hon Aggrey Bagiire, State Minister for Agriculture, revealed up to 54km of roads has been commissioned in the region and are near completion.

“Rehabilitation of the 32-kilometer Iganga – Kaliro Road was completed at a cost of the UGX 33.27 billion. Other roads completed in jinja include: Butiki Junction – Butiki College link (2.20Km), Bugembe – Wakitaka and Namulesa – Butiki Junction (4.30Km), among others,” said Bagire.

Bagiire also praised President Museveni for elevating Jinja to city status and commitment to its development master plan and the development of Busoga sub-region.

“Up to 800 youth groups have been registered for the Emyooga initiative Financing for the special groups such as the carpenters, saloon owners, leaders, among others,” said Bagiire highlighting the key achievement of the NRM in the region.

The State Minister for Agriculture also commended President Museveni and the NRM party for the political appointments accorded to the people of Busoga granting the region a fair share of the national cake.

He cited the political appointments in the Secretary General NRM (Justine Kasule Lumumba), Deputy Prime Minister (Hon. Kirunda Kivejinja), PS Ministry of ICT (himself – Bagire), among others.

(L-R) Minister for Presidency and Luuka Woman MP Esther Mbayo, Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga and NRM vice-chairperson Eastern region, Capt Mike Mukula at Jinja Grounds.

Bagire acknowledged that the completion of the Kira Motors industry was near completion on the land designated for the development with more jobs and revenue upon take-off.

The leaders also called for the revitalization of the Jinja Tourism Training Institute to skills and train the youths to champion the growth of the activity in the region and reduce unemployment.

Busoga sub-region largely backed Museveni’s presidency and reelection in 2016 General Elections in the districts of Mayuge (62.49%), Jinja (68.5%), Iganga (59.86%), Kamuli (68.9%), Namutumba (70.14%), Bugiri (62.14%), Kaliro (81.86%), Namayingo (58.56%), Luuka (70.14%), among others.

Kadaga petitioned president Museveni to address the issue to employment and loan financing revealing that boda-boda sector employs the most youth but they are faced with challenge of capital.

Most of our youths are boda-boda cyclists, however, acquiring the motorcycles through hire purchase is straining them. On hire purchase, youths pay up to UGX10M for motorcycles they’d have acquired at UGX4-5M.

Speaker Kadaga, who doubles as Kamuli Woman Member of Parliament, also lobbied for the provision loans (to a tune of UGX100Mfor SACCOs) where the youths can acquire subsidized loans to acquire their motorcycles.

In response to the matter, Museveni acknowledged that the motorcyclists would be catered for under the Emyooga Initiative where they will have access to some funds.

Kadaga also asked the president to investigate the matter of suspected eviction of the people in the land in Kimaka.

Hon. Kagada also called on government to establish a sport facility for Busoga while highlighting that it sports remains key in uniting Ugandans across the country and spurs it s growth.

Other key emerging issues presented by the NRM leaders – drawn from the districts of Jinja, Luuka and Mayuge, included: Establishment of public university; development of tourist sites such as Mpumwire Hill, Itanda Falls, Bugonza Martyrs sites, among others.

Electrification in the Busoga subregion has seen a total of up to 186 of 306 sub-counties added to the national power grid as connection are underway in 114 other sub-counties.

A total of 14 mini solar powered piped water supply system was have been constructed across the various districts in the Busoga sub region. Each of the systems serves an average of 600 people translating to approximately 8,400 new persons in the sub region being served.

Sub-counties served by the mini-solar powered water supply systems include; Busedde, Kadumire, Bumanya, Bukatube, Buyinja, Balawoli, Nabukalu, Nkondo, Waibuba, Magadda, Namungalwe TC and Buyengo. Namasagali is still under construction

On rioting youth, President Museveni revealed that their issues were easy to deal with and cited that they were being misguided by a section of manipulative forces.

“These youths that have been bring chaos are not a problem; we can deal with them. They have been misguided by a group of people peddled by foreign forces. We understand their problems are socio-economic issues; not cultural or politics,” said Museveni.

President Museveni also revealed that up to UGX17Bn has been directed through the youth livelihood funds, confirming that 25,000 youths have benefited from the initiative.

Museveni urged party leaders to wake up a section of the people of Busoga to desist from working for their stomachs only.

Let us focus on waking our people to stop working for ‘ekyiddha kyonka’ (loose translated to stomach only from Rugwere), and save some income,” said Museveni sending the delegates present into laughter.

Museveni also revealed that Uganda was producing up to 540,000 tonnes of sugar and consume only 380,000 tonnes; leaving a surplus.

The meeting, at Jinja Grounds, was graced by dignitaries from NRM party and leaders from the region to include; Minister for Presidency and Luuka Woman MP Esther Mbayo, Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga and NRM vice-chairperson Eastern region, Capt Mike Mukula, former minister for Lands, Housing & Urban Development, Daudi Migereko, PS Ministry of ICT, Vincent Waiswa Bagire, interdicted Jinja RDC Sakwa, among others..

As his campaign trail enters day two in the region, NRM candidate Museveni is set to address people over the radio and a live televised programme at 7 pm.

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He is set to head to Kamuli, on Saturday, to meet NRM party leaders and youths as scientific campaigns climax in Busoga Region.

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