He Should Fix My Vagina,Woman Tells Ugandan Botswana-based Businessman

A Ugandan man has vehemently denied accusations  against him that he has abused a local woman and disfigured her vagina.

Issah Batambuze (L) is being accused of ‘milking’ Tebogo Motlhabani’s (L) Vagina

Issah Batambuze,a 50- year- old Ugandan businessman based in Botswana  admitted to having a fling with Tebogo Motlhabani, 41 but vehemently refuted allegations that he pulled her clitoris and left them ‘long and hanging’ as she has claimed.

Confronted with the claims Batambuze first denied sleeping with Motlhabani, a Security Guard at Oriental Plaza where his IT business is located.

Pressed for answers he however changed his statement and said “It was just a short relationship which never worked out because Motlhabani was an uncontrollable woman.

Yes I had carnal knowledge of her but I never pulled anything as she alleges. When we met I told her that I have been in Botswana for the past 13 years and I had someone I was planning to marry.

So when I realised that she was becoming a big problem to keep as a girlfriend I got rid of her,” said Batambuze

Meanwhile Motlhabani came out all guns blazing this week claiming that the she was contemplating a lawsuit against the Ugandan if he does not make an effort to assist her financially to fix her vagina through surgery.

“He abused me for the six months that we were together.

He said that he wanted me to have long vaginal lips like the Tswapong and Kalanga women so he used to lubricate me with Vaseline and ‘milk’ me every time before sex.

I agreed to it because he had promised to marry me,” said the mother of two.

Narrating intimate details of their sex lives Motlhabani told of how   the man allegedly laid her on her back and lengthened her clitoris.

Then one day she looked at herself and got the shock of her life when she found out her ‘lips’ resembled a bat’s ears hanging out of her vagina.

She also went on to accuse Batambuze of refusing to use a condom every time they had sex.

He also did not like using condoms. Sometimes he would put on a condom when the lights were on but take it off as soon as the lights went off.

I ended up giving up on protection because despite everything I was convinced he was my husband to be.

That’s why I want to sue him for a breach of promise too,” she said.

“But in the meantime all I want from him is for him to come back and help me repair my private parts. No man wants me anymore because of this bat like thing hanging out of me. It is even uncomfortable for me to walk and live a normal life.”

Batambuze made it clear that he wanted to be left alone to enjoy his new marriage.

He tied the knot to another woman over the Independence holidays.

“She wanted P3, 000 from me and I made it clear to her that I don’t owe her anything.  She must leave me alone,” He said


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  1. Shame on you my brother. This abuse you have exported to a sister Country has done us no good. Do everything to compensate that lady including public apology. What was in your mind to change a mature nature?

    1. Emmy why didn’t she stop him from milking her. If she does not like what shes sees let her cut off the bat like things and that will be the end of the story.

    2. Magundo, what abuse is this??? a woman as old as her had a right to say no dear dont milk me, but to my understanding she enjoyed every moment of it

    1. hehehehe zari!! definately muzuri sana but i wonder why she hates them or perhaps she desire to contradict her age and look innocent downstairs

  2. and if the man had actually married her, then she would not be making all this noise. women, we need to grow up, a 41yr old conned into becoming a bat all for the sake of marriage!!!!

  3. This woman should be greatful that the ugandan man globalised her pussy-now ugandan men wd kill to see the bat wings. secondly how can she prove that it was batambuze who pulled her things really in any competent court? Why do people think they can force marriage? what if batambuze also alleges she reduced his ka dick due to her licks on it? Will she make it the former size? hahahaahahahahah

  4. Please print this Story on every Ugandan News paper front page, am sure even the Pope will want to read and know about the bat ears, anyway am sure who ever wrote this Story should be at nbs tv for Comedy the Ruhangis are boring now days

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