Parliament Resorts To British Media To Summon Gen Sejusa

Parliament's Affairs Committee Chairperson Fox Odoi Speaking to Parliamentary Journalists

Parliament’s rules committee has resolved to use British Media to summon the renegade Army MP General David Sejusa

Parliament's Rules Committee Chairperson Fox Odoi Speaking to Parliamentary Journalists
Parliament’s Rules Committee Chairperson Fox Odoi Speaking to Parliamentary Journalists

This will be used as one of the measures to notify General David Sejusa, who is currently exiled in UK, of his requirement to appear before the committee that is investigating his continued absence from the House.

The committee wants to establish whether General David Sejusa has missed 15 consecutive sittings with no reasonable excuse as provided in the rules of procedure of the Ugandan parliament.

Rule 101 (8) of the rules of procedure of Parliament provides that if any member persists in absenting himself/herself from sittings of the House after having been warned by the Speaker, the conduct of that member shall be referred to the Committee on Rules, Privileges and Discipline.

Committee chairperson Fox Odoi said that the committee was advised by the administration of Parliament that it is probably also important to buy space in a widely read British News paper to publish these summons in order to exhaust all avenues within which Gen. Sejusa could be reached.

Odoi added that the Rules of Procedure of Parliament and the Constitution direct them to give a fair hearing to every Member of Parliament before they pronounce themselves on their rights.

“we sit as a tribunal to determine the Constitutional Rights of a member, we are duty bound to give him a fair hearing therefore we have not given up, we shall bend backwards to accommodate this honourable member of Parliament”, said Odoi

The same committee last week wrote to the Foreign Affairs ministry asking it to contact the United Kingdom government for help in serving summonses on the renegade UPDF representative.

The committee was prompted to write the letter after lawyers purporting to represent him failed to file a notice of instructions from the general to prove that they are acting on his authority.

According to the lawyers, Sejusa would not appear because the committee proceedings had been flawed and that the Speaker of Parliament was under pressure from the Executive to get him out of Parliament.

The committee is summoning General Sejusa to appear before it on Monday October 14.

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