Namboole Stadium has gone to the dogs

Namboole Stadium has gone to the dogs

CECAFA games that were scheduled for Thursday afternoon were almost cancelled due to the heavy downpour that rocked Kampala.

However the playing teams insisted on going ahead with the scheduled matches despite the current state of disrepair at Namboole stadium.

Earlier there was miscommunication between organizers and Supersport that was supposed to telecast the day’s matches live.  Supersport later announced that it would show the games live.

If the rains continue at this rate which is common with Kampala-November weather, the organizers will be forced to seek an alternative playing field considering that the rains have turned Namboole into a miniature swimming pool.

The other alternative would be Nakivubo Stadium but  it is worse when it rains.

Currently, the teams that have so far qualified are hosts Uganda Cranes and Burundi by press .

The pitch is like a dog’s breakfast


Recently, the Federation of Uganda Football Association, FUFA announced that  it would bid to host Africa cup of nations AFCON in the near future . This leaves many wondering how Uganda can handle Africa cup of nations  amidst biting poverty, lack of resources and  corruption scandals that have rocked the country’s administrative structures.


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5 thoughts on “Heavy Rains Disrupt CECAFA

  1. 1 billion would make Namboole a better staduim but those dogs NRM don’t know what development is !

  2. The stadium was recently renovated. Didn’t they fix the drainage too?

    Why doesn’t the stadium management put a plastic roof on the pitch? I costs money initially but once you have it made all you do is roll it on before heavy rains and sweep away any excess water. I’ve seen stadiums in the US & Europe use tarp and buckets, to keep the pitch dry.

    Namboole people have to become resourceful. Unfortunately, this is lack of resourcefulness is a major problem in Uganda. I blame the old rote/cramming educational system.

  3. It’s a real shame to the pearl of Africa. If the gov’t managed to spare 23 billion to put kololo in position of hosting international visitor in order not to get ashamed forgetting that Nambole also hosts international visitors. My request to the gov’t is, may they put a side money to put Namboole in its required state. So that we host a football game without any complaints by the visiting team. Thanks.

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