Hyena shafts babe who denied him goodies, injures her Kandahar, abandons her in hospital

In BUNYORO, we have a saying that a hyena from your village eats you carefully, and not brutally. That’s why most Banyoro women prefer marrying their fellow Banyoro men to other tribes.

Believe me, in 2019, a Munyoro man was far better than your so-called Obama. Due to that fact, I asked Katusabe for goods throwing in my C.V on the grounds that I was a boy from the oil land but Katusabe refused and instead gave her gold mine to some Musoga guy and yet Banyoro men were selling like hot cakes, at that time.

When the Soga guy finished shafting her, he revealed his true colors. Besides torturing her, he sexually starved her.

Katusabe sought comfort from nobody, other than me telling me the hell she was going through. “It suits you right, why did you deny me?” I asked her. That’s when she accused me of not having been serious.

“I was ready but you didn’t look ready,” she added. “Can you imagine the Musoga guy has not touched me for three months….nowadays I just touch myself!” Katusabe said as tears rolled down her eyes.

I felt like jumping out of my skin. She went on to confess to masturbating. “Ehhh stop there, that’s bad,” I told her as she rested her head on my shoulder,” she apologized. “I will make it up to you some day,” she added. “Why can’t you make it up to me now?” I asked her.

I assured her how I still had undying love for her and I was willing to share it with her until she realizes that I am the Messiah of love. “In fact right now, my thing is in the mood,” I told her to which she replied, “Nooooo! Be easy, you will enjoy it sometime.”

I grabbed her hand and put it in my trouser. “Feel it,” I told her. “Ehhh Hyena, as it is so big and harder than the ones I have felt before,” Katusabe wondered while wrapping her finger around it. “That’s how I feel each time you are around,” I told her. “Can I calm you?” she asked me while unzipping my trouser and pulling out my whopper. “Anything you like,” I replied.

She pulled out my whopper and started playing with it. I fell back, gathered my thoughts for what step I should take next for about 5 minutes. I moved a hand between her legs, pulled her knickers aside and held her warm and wet Kandahar that was covered with lots of hair.

She got so overjoyed that she spread herself and moved her body like Shakira. She tried as much as she could to push my whole hand into her Kandahar because she was very excited. Guys, there was no way I was going to reserve this Kandahar for tomorrow.

I pulled out a sex booster tab and a compartment, pulled out a packet of condoms saying, “I was taking this home for family planning.”

As I pulled them out of the packet, Katusabe asked me if I was serious and sure and wanted us to do it. “More than sure! I have been sure from the day I saw you and the day you left me for the Soga guy,” I replied putting on the condom, praying that she doesn’t change her mind.

Katusabe showed me that she was really sexually starved when she pulled my whopper saying, “Extend this way,” Katusabe burst out making erotic sounds. “It is all yours from today….. No other man will ever touch it,” she assured me among other things.

“Even the Soga guy?” I asked her. “Basogas are funny and stupid. They don’t know how to love. They are only lustful,” Katusabe added, as she enjoyed the goodies. Meanwhile, I was thinking of even marrying her. “Yasmine can leave if she can’t stand a co-wife,” I thought to myself.

Due to the tightness of her Kandahar, my time was up when I felt el-nino trek from all the corners of my body. Katusabe screamed louder, “Ahhhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhh, ohhhhh.”

Something crashed against the car as Katusabe screamed, “Ohhh my Kandahar,” as she pushed me away. I had to rush her to Mulago hospital where I ordered the doctors to give her VIP attendance.

I had called in her hubby who came as quickly as possible. One of the doctors pulled a used condom from her Kandahar and gave it to her hubby saying, “Next time be careful when you are having and after sex.”

The chap cut wires and abandoned her in the hospital. I also pretended as if I was a Good Samaritan and left her in the hospital, or else if her hubby had noticed that I was the one who had injured her gold mine, I would be dead by now.

Till then, I remain Yours Truly, The Mighty Hyena.


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