I Admire Azawi-Rising star Zanedi

In life, we all need full-time lovers, not people that are part-time in love that is the summary of the story in the song that is currently trending in Uganda- ‘Full-time Lover’ by the fast-rising singer Zanedi.

Before this, he has released other hit songs. As the boy of the moment, Our Reporter Allan G tracked down him to share with us the force behind his success amidst covid 19 hardships.

Somehow, you resemble Chris Evans, Do you have any relation?

No, it’s usual that people can resemble without even a relation, actually, also some people say l some somehow resemble Andre.

Who exactly is Zanedi?

I,m an honest and humble musician representing the good people out there who want to live with love and positivity. I want to put smiles on faces and people on the dance floor. I want to inspire people and give them the courage to chase their dreams. And also go ahead and support them in a way to achieve their dreams, especially the youth. Am also doing music with Greenhit records.

You and Shan a music group or?

We are actually not a music group but we are signed to the same label Green Hit Records and we teamed together to work on a few projects and “Full-time Lover ” is one of them as we both work on upcoming Albums, we wanted to share a couple of these before we dropped our full Albums.

Where did your musical journey start?

Well, i should say majorly that friends have inspired my music journey, though to give a little detail. It started way back with an interest in playing musical instruments and students wanting me to sing for them on BDs back in school ,when i joined campus l signed up for guitar lessons, to keep it short l started recording in 2018 a colleague k,ron’s introduced me into the recording game well and we worked on a couple of projects together and we still are, but before this l was also doing some bit of band music and then met several friends along the way like Neil Raphael that kept pushing me and giving me support.

Among All industries, why did you join the controversial music industry? Today, the industry has been invaded by selfish people with a lot of money. How ready are you to stay at the top?

Actually, it’s because so many people were pushing me to do it. I was singing and writing songs for fun and was receiving so much positive feedback and people pushing me to take it to the next level.

Well, personally I believe passion, patience and consistency can keep you at the top of the game, as long as passion drives you in doing anything then, you also stick to your plans patiently you will stay at the top. Above all it’s important to surround yourself with people you can really trust, you’re only as strong as those people around you. My team is like a family we’re genuinely good people who look out for each other

Is Music your Full-time Job? What did you study or do apart from Music?

No, to me music is a passion that’s why l do it. Am actually a Software Engineer graduate from MUK and currently working with the International School of Uganda,

Growing up as a young boy what sort of Character were you?

Haha love to look back at childhood memories, l think it’s the best time of our lives, well l was jolly, fat and playful they actually used to call me boss because of my size spent time with friends playing, l loved playing football so much l think even to date.

Let’s talk about your new song Full-time Lover What is the song all About? Who wrote it and who recorded it?

Well, in life we all need full-time lovers not people that are part-time in love. That’s the summary of the story, and It was written by a really talented artist and songwriter Hid 16th. The track was produced by Blinded Beats and recorded with Green Hit Records.

Before this song, what other songs have you recorded?

Well I have done songs like Binkolera, Love you Again and more projects in the studio, then have done songs with k-ron’s like Ka Radio, Nze nawe and have more projects in studio.

You’ve a soothing voice, do you use it to get what you want in life?

Yeah l think i’m already using it to do what l love, that is to sing for people.

Now that you have broken through to the Top-level, What is your Music Plan?

I’m working on a full album now, using this lockdown as time to create. Once restrictions are lifted and the city opens up more i’ll be performing live as much as possible.

When you listen to the music of the 90s and of today, you find a big difference, Millennials singers just bring out bubble gum music, how different is your music?

Well, l try not to get caught up in criticizing other artists. Plenty of them are making music that I am not into, but other people vibe with it and that’s fine. l just try to do music that l would want to listen to with hope that other people will feel the same way.

Let’s talk about the Challenges faced so far?

Breaking through this industry is itself a challenge. Honestly, covid has hit the whole music industry really hard everywhere around the world has felt it.

Concerts and tours were cancelled, nightspots closed down, and now even transport around the city is tough. I signed with Green Hit Records shortly before covid came into Uganda so that definitely impacted our ability to do live shows, But we continued to write and record throughout so we are looking forward to releasing more great music in months to come. People need good music now more than ever to keep their spirits up.

Today’s singers, it’s all about music, money and Women how do you want to be known even after all has come to you?

To be Honest l want to be known as an artist that inspired, supported many and gave the youth a direction to proper life and living and l also want to be known for my songs and how they made people feel, l want them to be played at the clubs but also at weddings and family reunions for years to come.

Are you single, which Ugandan female singers do you crush on?

Not Single, l would not say l crush on the artist but what l have to say we have so many talented female artists that l really admire and whose work l appreciate like Lydia Jazmine, Vinka, Spice Diana and Azawi just to mention a few, that have kept us dancing and doing a collabo with Jazmine for sure would be a win.

Your next five year plans?

I plan to record a few albums, perform alot of shows locally and then tour East Africa.Am also interested in giving back to the community and would like volunteer to help local children and help them develop their musical talents, and also inspire the youth and share ideas that can develop and keep them engaged and productive

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