I am Taken—Komuntale To Duke Thomas

Princess Komuntale with her rapping boyfriend

Last week, we broke a story that Tooro princess Ruth Nsemere Komuntale was off the shelf again, after hooking a Kenyan UK Based rapper identified as Kanga King Muchoki Aka Africa King.

Princess Komuntale with her rapping boyfriend
Princess Komuntale with her rapping boyfriend

From the moment she broke the news, it seems her struggling Ex Christopher Thomas immediately rushed to her inbox with heavenly promises.

The insanely gorgeous princess however couldn’t keep their ‘sweet’ convo a secret, and took to social media, thrashing the poverty-stricken Thomas, that he is in the past, and that’s sealed.

“Ok let’s debate guys…It puzzles me how most males want to start talking to a woman again when they find out she’s in a relationship. Help me out men.. why do most of y’all all of a sudden show interest again in a woman you didn’t take seriously in the past, when she has clearly told you she’s in a relationship/moved on? I am sure a lot of women do the same, but this question is directed to the men.”  She posted.

Even a Kindergarten kid would read between the lines, that the ‘public menace’ Christopher Thomas wanted to hit the cookie again…but she can’t open the plate.

Apparently, the Princess is now on cloud nine with her rapping boyfriend, who she met on her little trips to South Africa.

We’re told he put a ring on it (The finger) on her BD bash recently.

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