‘I Prefer Bobi Wine To Chameleone’ – Bebe Cool

Gagamel boss Bebe Cool real names Moses Ssali has lashed out at his music rivals Jose Chameleone and Bobi Wine labeling them ‘boys’, something that is likely to re-ignite their never ending beef.

In a recent revealing interview, Bebe singled out Jose Chameleone who he accuses of being an ingrate. “He is always bickering over the smallest of things…I have no time for petty competitors,” Bebe Cool said.

To the utter shock of many, Bebe Cool who is a known enemy of Ghetto Gladiator Bobi Wine revealed he would consider working with him rather than Chameleone.

Bebe Cool and Bobi are viewed by Ugandans as the country’s all time music bitter rivals who use their music to get at one another with each claiming to be king of the Uganda music scene.

Mid this year, a music show dubbed ‘Battle of the Champions’ was organized in which the two artists were expected to put to rest their rivalry by showcasing their musical talents; though there was no clear ‘champion’,  both claimed victory.

What waits to be seen, however, is how the Leone Island CEO Jose Chameleone will respond to this but you can be sure we have another war of words in the offing.


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25 thoughts on “‘I Prefer Bobi Wine To Chameleone’ – Bebe Cool

  1. That is how ugandan musicians hit up the market just because of biff. It is surprising we have some talented musicians but because they dont biff any, they are bound not to hit the music scene in ug. thats the way to go in ug.

  2. Hahahaha they will all admitt that the ghetto G rules the scene hhhhhmmmmm sorry bebe.

  3. Bebe Cool lost vision many years ago, and now he wants Dr. Jose Chameleon also to lose his vision in music. When u begin to use music to hurl insults at your rivals instead of entertaining people with meaningful songs, surely you have lost it Bebe Cool!

    1. Patrick i totally agree, bebe cool is struggling for relevance and headlines as he prepares his launch!

      Now since pipo are sick and tired of his Bobie beef, he now is provoking chameleone so that he disses back and then gets news.

      Am happy with how Jose is handling it.

      He has refused to comment, much to the dissapointment of Bebe cool.

      Agume ekivulu kimusale come Friday!

  4. Bebe cool should be reminded of the days Chamilli brought his life back when he was shot for having sex in a vehicle.

  5. whats with these so called Ugandan manipulative singers?They always have one way of attracting people to their shows.

  6. Much as bebe cool says all that , the three male artists that is bebe cool, chameleon, bobbi wine may all be above their thirties , much as they are men they misbehave with only have time for beef and petty fights.

  7. Let them not think we are stupid coze we know all thier tricks. well i realized one thing in the ugandan music most especially to the big musician !! that when they see that they are out of the press , they plan new ideas of how to come back to the press so ugandans we should open our eyes these fools are fooling us also .!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Pliz u do not have to use such language as in we are trying to put Uganda to the right path they are not fools be a better example

  8. Bebe cool is never loved at all,even here in hoima.the man is so dump!he doesnt even like the fans to touch on his car, he thinks is big,when its otherwise, dr and his excellency,live life,he will only dream of.nice houses,married,investments,big fan base,etc. Even i dont rent,then how big is he?

  9. oba bebe says what oba u say what he remains munenemunene and that will never change.
    big up bebe cool

  10. i think Dr. is at infinity km from them,they should try 2 get advice from him rather than beef, otherwise they’re losing it all

  11. This is going to be incredibly crazy, Bobi should know that enemies will always be enemies… Bebe stop fooling around. You do not need to tell the world how much you hate or love someone “Mr. Pretender”. Be a man . If you have nothing constructive to say… shut up. The man is scooping regional and continental awards and you are in Uganda seeking for cheap popularity.

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