I Will Bonk Your Whole Clan—Chantal Warns Social Media Bullies

Usually when someone is pissed, they promise all the worst they can do to whoever caused the anger, but socialite Chantal Ruby Uwimbabazi has something special for her bullies.


Apparently, she is so fade up of being called a man-eater, for reasons well known to her, but we suspect, she hates being reminded of her own skills…Lol

She took to her handles and warned her friends, that whoever dares to call her that gu name again, she will bonk all his/her clan as revenge.

“If I see one more person on my Facebook calling me a man eater, because Red pepper yabaletela… I will come phuck your father, brother, husband,

Grandpa, uncle, cousin, nephew, auntie, mother, grandma, sister, wife, boyfriend..” she posted.

With such a sweet warning, we expect guys to throng her timeline with ‘Hi man eater’ lines, hoping to bed the sexy petite Man eater.

This comes at a moment when she seems to be battling joblessness, since recently, she survived being raped in office by some bearded mean hungry chap.

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