I will Crush You!!— M7 Warns His Enemies

President Museveni has warned all Ugandans with intentions of destabilizing Uganda that they will be suppressed and crushed.

President Museveni
President Museveni

While addressing a mammoth gathering on National Heroes Day celebrations at Katwe Primary School grounds, Karokora Parish, Dwanilo Sub County in Kiboga District, President Museveni said that, “I assure you no one will destabilize Uganda. Anyone who tries to bring indiscipline here, we shall suppress him or her.”

He further noted that it the precious blood of Ugandan that has brought peace and stability prevailing in the country.

“We paid a lot of sacrifice to get where we are now. I want you to know in your hearts that where you are standing is sacred ground for freedom fighters,” said Museveni before thanking the people of Kiboga for the support they offered during the struggle.

“I thank the people of Kiboga, Luweero, Nakaseke, Mubende and Wakiso who supported the struggle for liberation”

President Museveni described Dwanilo as a battle field that brought the Obote government to its knees and the struggle was for bringing democracy.

“Dwaniro means battlefield and I think it was coined when the Buganda and Bunyoro kingdoms were fighting,” said Museveni adding that; “Our fight was not for tribes but for people fighting for democracy”

Museveni’s warning comes after several key opposition figures declared mass protests against president Museveni and his regime.

Development and Agriculture

Despite being a battle field in the liberation struggle, President Museveni applauded the rate of development in the area attributing it to Agriculture and infrastructure development.

“The government has done its role by tarmacking the road from Kampala to Busunju and Busunju to Hoima,” adding that those who took his advice of venturing into Agriculture are now getting a sustainable homestead income.

“They took to coffee growing, dairy farming and the area has now totally changed.”

To confirm the development he two called prominent farmers in the area to attest how agriculture has changed their lives.

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  1. Those who fought Museveni forces can attest to the fact that UPDF is probably the weakest force in the region.

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