Zuena Kirema Bebe Cool's wife.


Bebe cool’s multipurpose wife yesterday shocked her followers on a social media platform, Instagram when she denied her long-known origin.

Zuena Kirema Bebe Cool's wife.
Zuena Kirema Bebe Cool’s wife.

Over the past years, Zuena has been known as a Musoga from Jinja until recently when she claimed to be a Munyankole from Ntungamo.

This comes after several stereotypes have been linked to her claiming that it’s no surprise she acts the way she does in public.

Zuena uploaded a photo on Instagram and gave it a shocking caption, “Proudly Ugandan…….A mixture of Muhororo from Ntungamo, Tutsi from Nyamata (Rwanda), and Arab from Oman & Swahili from Tanzania. Raised in Uganda”

However many of her fans refused to believe her claim since they think that it may be another attention seeking stunt she normally pulls with her husband.

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