INSIDE STORY: Cane-wielding cops, LDUs arrested over torture in Amuru

AMURU – Security Authorities have, on Sunday, April 5, arrested Policemen and LDUs on patrol who allegedly dragged residents from their homes and violated their rights in Elegu, Amuru, Our Reporter discovered.

Margret Auma, Chairperson of the Elegu Women Cross-Border SACCO, recounted the ordeal to NTV Uganda’s Sudhir Byaruhanga on how the officers beat, stripped naked and force the victims to roll in the mud.

The officers allegedly kept kicking doors and dragging out some residents forcefully subject to moving with the forces they patrolled the area till late.

“They flogged the victims, later asked them to strip naked with some allegedly ordered to rub the mud in their private parts as the officers looked on in laughter,” agitated Auma recounted in an interview with the NTV Uganda reporter.

Auma revealed that at around 7 pm when everyone was in their houses during the curfew, she overheard the women crying out in her neighbourhood prompting her to intervene.

“Why are have you pulled us from our houses to start beating us. What have we done?” the victims cried out.

Some of naked, wailing and injured women – among them was an expectant mother – sought refuge at Auma’s place with the Police and LDUs giving no reason behind their gruesome and cruel behaviour.

This prompted the Chairperson to take photographs of the bruises and cuts the victims had sustained in the incident as evidence to file a case with the Police.

With over 30 statements recorded, Aswa Regional Police officials accompanied by a UPDF officer followed up on the complaints of torture by people and women at Elegu in Amuru confirming the torture allegations.

“It is true that alleged atrocities were committed by both our personnel and UPDF officers in the pretext of implementing the directives of the president,” confirmed James Mwawule Gibaba, Aswa Regional Human rights & Legal officer.

Gibaba affirmed that Police was dispatching a team of medical officers to examine the victims of the torture at the hands of the security forces.

“Most disheartening though is the fact that this all was on the watch and command of the OC station who had previously served in PSU for the better part of his police life besides his OC CID,” Gibaba said.

He commended the cooperation exhibited by the UPDF of 4th division and BIBIA detach in expediting the investigation so far.

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