Jackie Nsenga Charged With Murder, Remanded

Jackie Nsenga (L) her late husband Juvenal Nsenga (R). She has been sentenced to 20 years in jail for his murder.

Jacqueline Uwera, the woman who is accused of having knocked dead her husband Juvenal Nsenga early this year, was on Monday charged with murder and remanded to Luzira prison.

Jackie Uwera Nsenga
Jackie Uwera Nsenga

Uwera reportedly knocked her husband as she drove through the gate of their matrimonial home in Bugolobi, a Kampala suburb.

The widow, who has been under police protection for close to four months, appeared before Nakawa Magistrates Court before being read the murder charges. Magistrate Sylvia Nabaggala did not allow her to plead to the charges as they are only tried by the High Court.

According to the charge sheet, Uwera, 36, a businesswoman, on the 10 January this year, at her matrimonial home in Bugolobi, Kampala, murdered her husband Juvenal Nsenga.

She returns to court on August 5 for mention of the case.

Security at court was tight with the journalists being denied access to the chambers of the magistrate to record the proceedings.

Jackie Nsenga (L) her late husband Juvenal Nsenga (R). She has been charged with his murder
Jackie Nsenga (L), her late husband Juvenal Nsenga (R). She has been charged with his murder

This has been one of the most complex and unique criminal cases in the recent past with the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and the police clashing over which charges to prefer against Uwera.

The DPP had opted to prefer murder charges but the police said they had found no evidence to support the murder charges. The police had suggested manslaughter or traffic charges.

As this confusion went on, the police at one point sought advice from the Attorney General.

Uwera’s appearance in Court comes a day after the High Court in Kampala was to convene to hear the application filed by the family of the late Nsenga who were seeking its orders to compel the police to take the suspect to court as proposed by the DPP.

Further, her being charged comes at the time when the Nsenga family was in the Family Court fighting over the deceased’s property.

The inheritance battle was between Donati Kananura, the father to the late Nsenga and his daughter- in –law, Jacqueline Uwera. Kananura wants to be given the letters of administration to manage the property of his late son.

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  1. Well, Both the DPP and his deputy “lost” their jobs and were kicked “upwards”.
    This leaving prosecution in Uganda in limbo. This is how powerful corrupt forces have become in Uganda. Indeed it is true the Police is the most corrupt, operating with impunity. Monday morning, they even refused to hand over the accused to Prison authorities at Court after she was remanded!!! The Police refused to even as much as show the Prisons Authority at Court, the Remand Warrant! They were not ashamed that three Lawyers watched all this happen.There was a 40 minutes debacle and the Police drove her away without any prisons staff escorting her to Luzira, supposedly!!

  2. Ken never be deceived by outward beauty, the real beauty is within & people rarely notice it!! Its a warning to human kind, always take time to study situations before deeply getting involved!! Sometimes “What you see is NOT what you get in the long run”!!

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