Kadaga Files On Sleeping MPs Leak

At Least 25 Bills were passed into law by the ninth parliament

Parliamentary official record-The Hansard has revealed a list of legislators who are specialists in signing for free salaries, allowances and other freebies in parliament.

The seats  Opposition MPs occupy were empty last week

The members according to the Hansard simply turn up for a few minutes sign in the register and vanish leading to a perpetual paralysis in passing important business in parliament.

This habit has been going on but records hadn’t come out.

Our investigative desk has landed on the list of legislators shamed by speaker Rebecca Kadaga courtesy of their habits.

For avoidance of doubt, we hereby reproduce the Hansard verbatim!


Mid this tenure of 9th parliament, on February 19/2013, parliament chaired by Kadaga convened to handle The Petroleum Refining, Gas Processing and Conversion and Transportation and Storage Bill 2012.

However, Kadaga was forced to suspend the sitting several times as members who signed in the register had vanished.

This prompted Lwemiyaga county MP Theodore Ssekikubo, Atwib Katoto and Fred Ruhindi to raise an alarm to Kadaga to prevail on the dodgy members. A furious Kadaga was forced to expose members through a roll call.

In total that day, there were 257 legislators in the house but at the time of roll call, over 100 had vanished after signing.

The house itself has 376 members in total meaning that even the number of those who totally do not turn up for parliament work is massive though some of them mainly ministers were away on official duties.


SSEKIKUBO: Madam Chairperson [speaker], with a heavy heart I rise to seek your guidance. A matter of procedure has been raised and it is the same matter that we had last time.

At the same time, we members seem to be urging the Chairperson of the whole House to proceed when the blame is entirely ours.

We are having such an important legislation and apparently, we have no quorum.

Where are those Members? We ended at that very point last time and now, instead of organising ourselves to sit here, we are urging the Chairperson to proceed when we know it is irregular and illegal.

Why are we putting the Chairperson in a difficult situation when we are to blame? We come here and we decide to go away.

Why aren’t we honest for the first time and we resolve this matter instead of telling the Chairperson to proceed?

Madam Chairperson is it procedurally right for members to sit here without you invoking the rules to compel them to sit in this House and we debate and pass this important matter?

CHAIRPERSON [KADAGA]: I have asked the clerk to ring the bell. Please, ring the bell.

RUHINDI: Madam Chairperson, I am extremely surprised and I wish to register my disappointment maybe for future guidance.

The Members who raised issues of procedure for lack of quorum have fled the House; how do we account for that?

[Hon. Members: “But the bell is ringing.”] Maybe, let us wait for them. I wish to see hon. SemujjuNganda – (Laughter)

KATOTO: Madam Chairperson, I signed in as No. 186 in our register.

So, can you guide us on whether we can bring those books and we see the Members who signed and ran away – specifically, the other people who want to stampede this – so that they are exposed because our side who signed are here.

There are many people, over 200, who signed in the book but they are not here; they have run away after the Bill was brought. So, don’t you think that there is a hidden agenda? Madam Speaker, I would like your guidance on that.

KADAGA: Honourable members, I have here a list of 247 members who signed the register but they are not here. I think I should take a roll call. (Applause)

Hon. Adong Lily                    Present

Hon. Kasule Lumumba           Present

Hon. Irene Muloni                  Present

Hon. Mulimba                         Present

Hon. Lyomoki

Hon. MathiusNsubuga           Present

Hon. Agnes Nabirye               Present

Hon. Ayena-Odong

Hon. Mathias Mpuuga

Hon. Kiyingi Deogratius

Hon. Aleper Simon Peter

Hon. Aceng Joy Ruth

Hon. Yaguma Wilberforce

BYABAGAMBI: Madam Speaker, the word “absent” is not being captured on the record.

I think it would be procedurally right that our constituents who elected us know what Members are doing in this House.

Therefore, I do not know whether it is procedurally right for us to continue saying “absent” and yet it is not being captured.

KADAGA: Okay. Honourable members, if you are here, please go to the microphone and answer to your name. Let us start again:

Hon. Adong Lilly                        Present

Hon. Kasule Lumumba              Present

Hon. Irene Muloni                       Present

Hon. Mulimba                             Present

Hon. Dr Lyomoki

Hon. Matthias Nsubuga              Present

Hon. Agnes Nabirye

Hon. Ayena-Odong

Hon. Mathias Mpuuga

Hon. Deogratius Kiyingi

Hon. Aleper Simon Peter

Hon. Aceng Joy Ruth

Hon. Yaguma Wilberforce

Hon. Martin Bahinduka

Hon. Michael Ayepa

Hon. Betty Amongi                     Present

Hon. Mary Tuunde

Hon. Stephen Ochola                  Present

Hon. Nauwat Rosemary             Present

Hon. Kase-Mubanda                   Present

Hon. Acire Christopher

Hon. Twa-Twa

Hon. Amodoi Cyrus

Hon. Justine Khainza                  Present


THE CHAIRPERSON: Hon. Mulimba John again -I think there is a problem here.

Hon. Aol Betty Ochan

Hon. Kyooma Xavier

Hon. Iriama Margaret                  Present

Hon. Ogwang Peter                     Present

Hon. Sam Amooti Otada                        Present

Hon. Hood Katuramu

Hon. OdooTayebwa

Hon. Dr Bayigga

Hon. John Byabagambi               Present

Hon. Stephen Tashobya              Present

Hon. Kabahenda Flavia               Present

Hon. Brenda Nabukenya

Hon. AyooTonny                                    Present

Hon. Amuriat Oboi

Hon. Bagiire Vincent                  Present

Hon. James Kakooza                   Present

Hon. Harriet Ntabazi                   Present

Hon. Peace Kusasira

Hon. Fredrick Ruhindi                Present

Hon. AtimOgwal Cecilia             Present

Hon. Nandala-Mafabi                 Present

Hon. Margaret Komuhangi         Present

Hon. Karooro Mary Busingye

Hon. Shinyabulo Mutende          Present

Hon. Latiff Sebaggala

Hon. Yorokamu Katwiremu        Present

Hon. Jacob Oboth                       Present

Hon. Jovah Kamateeka               Present

Hon. Ernest Kiiza                        Present

Hon. Nelson Sabila

Hon. Phyllis Chemutai                Present

Hon. Alengot Proscovia

Hon. Theopista Nabulya  Present

Hon. Fred Badda

Hon. Flavia Nabugere                 Present

Hon. Simon Lokodo

Hon. Amongin  Aporu

Hon. Moses Kasibante

Hon. William Nzoghu                 Present

Hon. Atiku Bernard                    Present

Hon. Gilbert Olanya                    Present

Hon. Ongalo Obote

Hon. Atim Joy Ongom

Hon. Ssemmuli Anthony             Present

Hon. KezekiaMbogo

Hon. Hassan Fungaroo

Hon. Muhumuza David

Hon. Micah Lolem

Hon. Peter Lokeris

Hon. Achieng Sarah Opendi       Present

Hon. Fred Omach

Hon. Abraham Byandala Present

Hon. KevinaTaaka                       Present

Hon. Nyakikongoro Rosemary    Present

Hon. Kiboijana Margaret

Hon. Michael Mawanda  Present

Hon. NuluByamukama

Hon. Amali Caroline Okao

Hon. WerikheKafabusa   Present

Hon. Grace Byarugaba                Present

Hon. Wilfred Niwagaba

Hon. Ibi Florence                        Present

Hon. AlasoAsianut                      Present

Hon. Mugume Roland

Hon. Capt. Susan Lakot

Hon. Andrew Baryayanga

Hon. AboudKitatta                     Present

Hon. NaggayiSempala

Hon. Rosemary Najjemba

Hon. Evelyn Kabuule

Hon. Amos Lugoloobi                 Present

Hon. Joseph Matte                      Present

Hon. Beatrice AtimAnywar        Present

Hon. Santa Alum                         Present

Hon. Beatrice Mpairwe

Hon. Jack Wamai-Wamanga

Hon. AngellineOsegge    Present

Hon. David Wakikona    Present

Hon. Alex Onzima          Present

Hon. Matia Kasaija

Hon. Wilson Asupasa Isiko

Hon. Henry Banyenzaki

Hon. Peter Bakaluba Mukasa

Hon. Lucy Ajok

Hon. Dorothy Nshaija            Present

Hon. Alex Ndeezi

Hon. Fox Odoi

Hon. WamakuyuMudimi       Present

Hon. Olivia Kwagala             Present

Hon. Jessica Ababiku

Hon. Anne Auru

Hon. Dorothy Mpiima

Hon. Aston Kajara

Hon. MuwangaKivumbi        Present

Hon. Tom AzaAlero              Present

Hon. Paul Mwiru       Present

Hon. Prisca Mbaguta Sezi

Hon. Rose Akol         Present

Hon. Sarah Netalisire   Present

Hon. John Ken-Lukyamuzi

Hon. Eddie Kwizera

Hon. Rose Lilly Akello          Present

Hon. Manoah Achile

Hon. Samson Lokeris

Hon. Deogratius Besisira

Hon. Stanley Omwonya

Hon. Ibrahim Nganda Semujju

Hon. Zerubabel Nyiira           Present

Hon. Robert Kafeero Sekitoleko

Hon. Grace Namara   Present

Hon. Kenneth Lubogo           Present

Hon. Mabel Bakeine

Hon. Betty Mbabazi  Present

Hon. Stephen Ekuma

Hon. KassianoWadri  Present

Hon. Theodore Ssekikubo     Present

Hon. Migadde Ndugwa         Present

Hon. Bazana Kabwegyere     Present

Hon. Sarah Kataike    Present

Hon. Stephen Chebrot           Present

Hon. Mariam Nalubega          Present

Hon. Joseph Ssewungu

Hon. Anthony Okello            Present

Hon. Jacob Opolot

Hon. Jacob Wangolo

Hon. JaliaBintu          Present

Hon. Juliana Modest Auma   Present

Hon. Abdu Katuntu

Hon. Helen Kahunde

Hon. Grace Kwiyucwiny       Present

Hon. Linda Timbigamba        Present

Hon. Stephen Mallinga

Hon. Julius Maganda Present

Hon. AtwookiKasirivu

Hon. Martin MugabiMuzaale Present

Hon. IddiIsabirye      Present

Hon. Sarah Mwebaza Present

Hon. Amelia Kyambadde

Hon. Sarah Mateke

Hon. John Baptist Lokii

Hon. Hatwib Katoto  Present

Hon. Stella Namoe     Present

Hon. Sarah Lanyero   Present

Hon. Medard Bitekyerezo     Present

Hon. NaomeKabasharira        Present

Hon. Margaret Aleper Achilla           Present

Hon. Terence Achia Sodium

Hon. Kabakumba Matsiko

Hon. David Bahati

Hon. Monicah Amoding

Hon. John Amos Okot           Present

Hon. Ruth Lematia             Present

Hon. Lowila Oketayot                    Present

Hon. Patrick Nakabaale

Hon. Elioda Tumwesigye

Hon. Frank Tumwebaze         Present

Hon. Florence Mutyabule

Hon. SalehKamba                 Present

Hon. Sanjay Tanna                Present

Hon. Margaret Baba Diri       Present

Hon. Milton Muwuma           Present

Hon. Ahmed Awongo       Present

KADAGA: Hon. Grace Byarugaba; didn’t I call her already? Yes, I think so.


Hon. NekesaOundo                Present

Hon. Stephen Mukitale

Hon. Simon D’Ujanga

Hon. Agnes EgunyuAkiror

Hon. Nankabirwa Ann Maria

Hon. NakayenzeGaliwango    Present

Hon. Arinaitwe           Rwakajara       Present

Hon. Kasaija Stephen Kagwera          Present

Hon. Joy Kariisa

Hon. Musa Ecweru

Hon. KaahwaTophace                        Present

Hon. Margaret Makhoha                     Present

Hon. Godfrey Kiwanda Ssubi                  Present

Hon. AbdiChemaswet

Hon. Patrick Mulindwa

Hon. Tete Chelangat               Present

Hon. James Baba                                Present

Hon. Karungi Elizabeth

Hon. Safia Nalule Juuko

Hon. Nakato Kyabangi                       Present

Hon. Nakawunde Sarah

Hon. Syda Bbumba                Present

Hon. Ruth Nankabirwa

Hon. Boaz Kafuda                  Present

Hon. Bakandema Musasizi

Hon. Paula Turahikayo                       Present

Hon. James Kyewalabye         Present

Hon. Mbagadhi Fred Nkayi    Present

Hon. Kenneth Omona             Present

Hon. Ninsiima Ronah             Present

Hon. Musasizi Henry

Hon. Waira Majegere

Hon. Simon Mulongo

Hon. Maj. Gen. Charles Angina

Hon. SempalaMbuga              Present

Hon. Muyingo J.C                  Present

Hon. Jack Sabiiti                     Present

Hon. BusingeRusoke              Present

Hon. Emma Boona                 Present

Hon. Biraro Ephraim               Present

Hon. BalyejjusaSulaiman        Present

Hon. Sam Engola

Hon. Jim Muhwezi

Hon. Geoffrey Omara

Hon. Dr KhidduMakubuya

Hon. Dr KamandaBataringaya           Present

Hon. Cadet Benjamin             Present

Hon. James Mbahimba                        Present

Hon. Suleiman Madada                      Present

Hon. Dr Chris Baryomunsi

Hon. Obua Denis Hamson      Present


THE CHAIRPERSON: Say your name for the record. Say it on the microphone.


Hon. Badda Fred                                Present

Hon. Fred Omach                   Present

Hon Sabila Nelson                  Present

Hon. Kyooma Xavier              Present

Hon. Dr Twa-Twa                   Present

Hon. Oleru Huda                    Present

Hon. Kabuule Evelyn                         Present

Hon. Simon D’Ujanga            Present

Hon. Fr Simon Lokodo           Present

Hon. Bahinduka                      Present

Hon. Lubega Godfrey                        Present

Hon. Ayena-Odong                Present

Hon. Mary Tuunde                 Present

THE CHAIRPERSON: Let us proceed.

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