MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!!!! Gen. Aronda’s Turbulent Times In Life

Gen. Aronda Nyakairima, Uganda's Internal Affairs Minister

On Tuesday last week, internal affairs minister [RIP] Gen. Robert Aronda Nyakairima seemed to have sensed death.

Gen. Aronda Nyakairima, Uganda's Internal Affairs Minister
The Late Gen. Aronda Nyakairima, Former Internal Affairs Minister

The respected general according to his close pals, prior to his departure to South Korea, reached out to his pals and aides in whom he confided something unusual to them!

The man from Rubabo allegedly told his pals for the first time ever that he wanted to go for a hair cut! To him according to his pals, the general didn’t want to travel with grown hair to South Korea.

“I want you to take me to the saloon and I first trim my hair. It is too much on my head which I don’t like. I don’t want to go with it,” a source confided in us but his aides according to snoops advised him that this was rather too late for him and instead told him that he would do this after his return. Aronda heeded their advice and thus left for his trip.

We have been told that even when he was heading to the airport, he kept referring to this hair wondering how he would look by the time of his return.

Unfortunately, the general breathed his last on his way back home. His pals have now taken this as one of the things that Aronda has died without having achieved in his life.

All along, when Aronda was going to the salon, he would not go public as he did on Tuesday according to his close pals!

Secondly, according to close sources, the general all along had had sleepless nights over his late dad.

Aronda’s dad according to his pals died at the age of 93. However, despite dying at this advanced age, the late general never had enough time to interact with him.

This matter according to his close pals had always worked out his mind because he didn’t get enough time to share with his dad in those advanced years of his.

“Aronda liked his dad so much but most times, he has been complaining that he didn’t get time to be with his dad. Since he came from the bush [war], he has been busy with state duties that his dad died without sharing with him enough time. This matter has always been on Aronda’s lips whenever he had free time to meet his close pals. He would talk about it first before making any other statement,” a pal revealed, adding that it was one of the missions unaccomplished by the late battle-hardened general.

Sources added that the late general was also concerned about the nasty incident Acholi people showed him together with lands minister Daudi Migereko.

The duo together with other senior soldiers went to Amuru district recently to investigate the issue of land that had become troublesome.

However, the locals went native and undressed before the ministers whom they accused of a plot to grab their land.

Eventually, the Acholi cultural leaders demanded that the two ministers needed to take goats to be cleansed.

The matter actually also reached cabinet where Migereko poured his heart out seeking for advice from ministers on whether to take the goats or not.

However, we understood that disaster minister [also an Acholi] Eng. Hillary Onek advised cabinet that since ministers had not gone there for cultural matters, they needed to ignore the demands of cleansing because they went there to perform official government duties.

To Aronda, this [undressing] was a bad treatment to him since he was the man who commanded troops to restore peace in this region.

For him to have gone to Apaa village in Amuru, he thought this was a solvable matter but the locals instead turned it scandalous.

Aronda has also gone without witnessing the fruits of the National ID project which he has fought tooth and nail to implement.

It should be remembered that this project had failed completely with billions lost until Gen. Yoweri Museveni deployed Aronda to internal affairs ministry to oversee the implementation of this project.

At the time of his death, not all Ugandans had gotten their IDs but most districts have already got.

On Sunday last week for example, the late General was in Mbale overseeing the launch of the distribution of the IDs in this district.

The General has also suffered turbulent times in life especially in the hands of parliamentarians.

Some members have tormented him by refusing to pass his NGO amendment Bill.

For some time now, the bill has been on the order paper but every time debate on it came, members have been disappearing wasting the general’s time and also working up his mind.

Most often, Aronda has left parliament with a bleeding heart as members continued to deny parliament quorum to pass the bill into law.

The same general prior to his joining internal affairs suffered the wrath of parliamentarians who refused to approve his cabinet appointment on grounds that he needed to first retire from the armed forces.

The general spent days in the corridors of parliament pleading with members to approve him but in vain.

It was after the intervention of president Museveni that the parliamentary committee on appointments finally approved him.

He lives a legacy of having been the first serving military officer to join cabinet without having retired from the armed forces.

Aronda knew different languages including Luo, Ateso, Runyakitara, Luganda and Swahili.

He was known for not puffing and boozing. He was born on July7/1959 and went to several military academies before becoming the Chief of Defense Forces, the highest military rank in this country.

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