Kanye West, Trump Rekindle Twitter Bromance

Now that Emmanuel Macron has flown home, Donald Trump may have found another unlikely friendship in the form of rapper Kanye West.

The US President and his French counterpart had hailed their “beautiful friendship” during this week’s state visit, which they said had been “forged in revolution” and “changed the shape of history”.

But it is apparently “dragon energy” fuelling the relationship between Mr Trump and West, who posted a series of complimentary messages on Twitter on Wednesday night.

Mr Trump – who met West when he was President-elect in December 2016 – was keen to share the praise with his own followers, telling the star the comments were “very cool”.

Following his exchange with Mr Trump, West went on to address a range of topics; from the amount of money he makes from shoes compared with basketball legend Michael Jordan, to his ping pong skills.

“I’m nice at ping pong,” he claimed.

He also fuelled speculation that he had split with his manager Scooter Braun, tweeting, “I can’t be managed”.

West’s wife – Kim Kardashian West, with whom he has three children – later defended her husband on Twitter, who was criticised by fans for praising Mr Trump.

She wrote: “Kanye will never run in the race of popular opinion and we know that and that’s why I love him and respect him and in a few years when someone else says the same exact thing but they aren’t labelled the way he is and you will all praise them! Kanye is years ahead of his time.”

The rapper has “always been expressive”, she added, but went on to suggest she may not be a fan of the President, writing “most people (including myself) have very different feelings & opinions about this”.

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