Kategaya Memorial Construction Engineers to Face Arrest

Late Eriya Kategaya (FILE PHOTO)

BY EVANS NAJUNA | KAMPALA— President Museveni has ordered the suspension of two Government Engineers over the ‘Shoddy and Incomplete construction’ of Kategaya Memorial Vocational school.

In just a leaked letter seen by this publication from the Statehouse, dated 16th of October this year to the First lady Janet Kataaha Museveni, who is at the same time Minister of Education and Sports.

In the same letter, he refers to his earlier letter dated 8th August 2021, concerning the same subject.

Angry Museveni expressed displeasure by informing the office of the Ministry of Education, that his engineering team once again inspected the late. Eriya Kategaya Technical School and found alot of problems such as shoddy work and uncompleted work, yet full payment was effected.

President Museveni speaking during AIDS day commemoration

The head of state further explained that, In their report; they pinpoint negligence by the Ministry Engineer, Aharimpitsya Herbert, as well as Johnson Kariyo, the Engineer of Ntungamo District local government. Adding that, these two must be suspended so that they get time to explain their actions. “If guilty, they must be dismissed” stated in the letter.

He further emphasized that All other actors that may have contributed to the confusion must be held accountable. “The contractor that took the money without doing the work, must refund the money” it added. He wondered why the UPDF Engineering Brigade was not engaged to accomplish this work.

He tasked the official to explain to the villagers that storied buildings are a drain of our scarce financial resources.

“Kategaya and myself at Kyamate, Mbarara High School and Ntare, studied in single-storied buildings and went very far” it further stated.

Before giving more instructions to the Statehouse Monitoring Unit to keep tabs and report to the Ministry.

The Eriya Kategeya Memorial Institute is a 2013 presidential pledge. The construction of Eriya Kategaya Memorial Institute was budgeted to cost 1.7 billion shillings and works started in 2017 under the supervision of the district engineer.

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