Katikiro Mayiga Enjoys Desire Luzinda’s Kitone


She is the reigning queen of assets in both elite and entertainment spheres and Prime Minister of Buganda Kingdom Peter Mayiga couldn’t resist the chance of feeling her Kitone.


Spotted in a salon recently, the flamboyant Mayiga was seen standing by Desire’s side, as he bent low to have a deep and close feel of her Kitone.

In fact, some people are speculating that he could have bent to tickle her ‘tofaali’ or better still to check her fleshy and well rounded hips in High Definition

Red Pepper online understands that the two are currently in the US for Buganda’s Tabamituka conference.

Desire could not hold the excitement of getting close with the Katikilo and she stormed the social media platform,

Instagram and revealed that; “And guess who was in the salon? He is so a people’s person. Baganda Yalonda Bulungi. Sabasaja awangale. Sorry for those that don’t understand, am back to my roots”

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3 thoughts on “Katikiro Mayiga Enjoys Desire Luzinda’s Kitone

  1. Desire use your chance to associate with reasonable people kiyitilivu………

  2. Ela Buganda yalonda bulungi. Ne Katonda ayabale ayakuwa ekitone. Let the Katikiro enjoy it.

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