In a meeting at Busana town council in Kayunga district, NRM leaders voted on the matter and area MP Amos Lugoloobi (Ntenjeru North) was the presiding officer.

Minister Aidan Nantaba who is woman MP was also in the meeting. Only 39 voted for life presidency and those for Togikwatako were so many, Lugoloobi counted until he got tired.

The voting was done several times but the results only kept worsening against life presidency. The two MPs finally said they have got the voters message loud and clear.

The NRM leaders at the Busana consultative meeting assured the two MPs that people are angry and this isn’t 2005 when Museveni’s money was enough to melt people’s resistance to life presidency.

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  1. Yes Africa when should we learn the lesson from dictatorship one person Wants to die in power .they are setting bad example for New generation iam south Sudanese living in Australia look what is happening in South Sudan people starving to death no food no basic services. God blessed Ugandan

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